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Almost one-third of all visitors to Croatia spend their annual vacations in camps for a very good reason. Croatian camps are very diverse and safe and are located in the most beautiful and attractive locations along the sea, rivers, mountains or national parks. They give a unique feeling of freedom and true touch with nature. Croatia has a large number of mini family and private campsites along the entire coast but also inland. Some of them are small pearls located in ideal locations, and some of them offer only 10 accommodation units (camping places). Just the fact that you can camp and spend a vacation in the intimate setting of a private yard or garden, which is often right next to the sea or the river or with a beautiful view, makes mini-camps a favorite destination of all those who are looking for adventure and living together with nature. The camps in Croatia are affordable and can be found along the entire coast from Istria to Dalmatia, on most islands, and more and more at attractive locations along rivers, mountains and national parks in the interior of Croatia.

Choose ideal camp and book private camp directly with the owners of the campsite and enjoy your vacation. If you do not need the comfort of the apartment and if you want to avoid overpriced hotels and spend your vacation in private accommodation where you can meet local people, and the way they live, you are in the right place. Although we can offer you all types of accommodation throughout Croatia, such as apartments, rooms and holiday homes, the camps are the most interesting form of private accommodation specially designed for nature lovers and adventurers.

Find a campsite that meets all your needs and arrange all reservation details directly with the owners of the campsite. The benefits of this kind of booking are many, and one of the most prominent is the much cheaper campsite price because you do not pay any agency fees. This way you can find up to 40% cheaper campsite in Croatia than advertised on similar websites and tourist agencies.

All reservation details and additional offers are negotiated directly with the owner of the campsite, so you are sure there are no unpleasant surprises. Search for private camps from the list below or via quick search and spend a pleasant vacation in the camp where everyday stress will simply disappear.

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