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Opatija is the center of one of the most beautiful parts of Kvarner, Kvarner Bay and entire charming Opatija Riviera. Opatija Riviera is situated in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar county at the foot of the impressive mountain of Učka and Učka nature park. About 17 kilometers long, Opatija Riviera is one of the pearls of Croatian tourism, and it has the longest tradition in tourism in entire Croatia. Opatija Riviera is located in an ideal location - it is located at the very beginning of the Istrian peninsula and it is just 12 kilometers from the third largest Croatian city - the city of Rijeka. Apart from the city of Opatija, which is its center, Opatija Riviera includes Volosko, Ičići, Ika, Lovran, Medveja and Mošćenička Draga.

What makes Opatija and Opatija Riviera special is an attractive coastal promenade of Lungomare, which extends 12 kilometers from Opatija to Lovran in the southwest. The construction of Lungomare promenade began in 1885 when the first hotels were opened in Opatija, and it was completed four years later when Opatija was proclaimed as a health destination. Lungomare is not only popular among the inhabitants of Opatija Riviera, but also for many tourists who are visiting this tourist pearl for over a hundred years. Views from Lungomare over the blue sea, Bay of Kvarner and beautiful islands of Krk and Cres will surely leave you speechless. On the promenade, you can also find one of the most recognizable symbols of Opatija and Opatija Riviera - a statue of the Girl with a seagull ("Djevojka s galebom") built in 1956 as a replacement for the statue of Madonna del Mare.

Luxurious villas and secession architecture, which can be seen on many historical buildings along the promenade, make Opatija Riviera unique place. Cultu...

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...ral and historical significance highlights the extremely rich history of Opatija Riviera and the local population. Furthermore, along the promenade, there is the park of Angiolina where you can find more than 120 different plants from all over the world.

Učka Mountain, the home of one of the most beautiful nature parks in Croatia, Učka Nature Park, stands above Opatija Riviera. The highest peak of Učka is Vojak, a 1.401-meter high peak. On Vojak there is a 5-meter tall stone viewpoint from which has one of the most beautiful views on the entire Adriatic. During nice weather, you can see almost entire Istria, Kvarner Bay, Kvarner islands - Cres, Krk and Lošinj, Velebit, Ćićarija, Gorski Kotar and even the Alps and Italy. Apart from attractive views, Učka is an ideal destination for visitors looking for activities and recreation. There are many different options for active holidays including mountain biking, hiking, sports climbing, walking, speleology, bird watching, and for those brave and gliding.

Opatija Riviera is widely known for its excellent restaurant and bar offer, and it has the longest tradition in tourism in entire Croatia. However, besides bars and restaurants, one of the main reasons for visiting this tourist pearl is attractive beaches stretching along the entire Riviera - from Volosko in the north to Mošćenička Draga in the south of the Riviera. All beaches are ideal for families with children and they offer all the facilities needed for a perfect holiday - restaurants, bars, sports playgrounds, deck chairs and umbrellas for rent. The most attractive and beautiful beaches of Opatija Riviera are pebble beach Črnikovica in Volosko, the central city beach of Slatina in the center of Opatija and the smaller Angiolina beach, Škrabići beach, Tomaševac beach, sandy beach Lido and Lipovica beach. Furthermore, this list includes beach Ičići in the town of Ičići, beach Ika in the town of Ika, and the central beach Kvarner (beach Gradsko) which is located in Lovran. This list would not be complete when it would not include Peharovo beach which is also located in Lovran, pebble beach of Medveja and the longest beach of Opatija Riviera - Mošćenička Draga beach which connects 7 smaller pebbly beaches. According to many, the most attractive beach in Mošćenička Draga is Sipar beach and St. Ivan beach.

Opatija Riviera has a long tradition of attracting guests all year round. Whether you are looking for a break in wellness and spa centers, or you prefer long walks surrounded by beautiful nature, or you like hiking in one of the most beautiful nature parks in Croatia, a visit to Opatija Riviera is the right choice for you. Accommodation on Opatija Riviera can be found in an apartment overlooking the Kvarner bay, holiday home or in the room. Contact directly the owners and book now affordable accommodation in a room, holiday home or apartment. Avoid paying extra fees and enjoy the magic of Opatija Riviera!

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Nature park Učka (peak Vojak) - Lovran
Nature park Učka (peak Vojak) - Lovran


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Črnikovica Beach is a newly-decorated beach located at the entrance to a small tourist town of Volosko 2 kilometers north of Opatija. Like most of Opatija Riviera's beaches, Črnikovica beach is partly concreted and partly pebble. The beach offers its visitors all the facilities necessary for an ideal vacation.

The center of Opatija Riviera is Opatija, and the central beach of Opatija is the city beach Slatina. Slatina beach is partly sandy and partly concrete and has numerous facilities from restaurants, bars, deck chairs, sunshades, showers, and sports playgrounds. Slatina Beach with its rich offer, it is ideal for families with children and is suitable for persons with disabilities. The beach is a proud holder of the "Blue Flag" symbol of organized, equipped and clean beach.

Apart from the central beach of Slatina, the city of Opatija has more beautiful beaches worth visiting. Angiolina Beach is an attractive concrete beach located between Opatija's historical buildings - Villa Angiolina and hotel Kvarner. Thanks to the specific retro appearance, Angiolina beach leaves many guests speechless. In close vicinity to hotel Miramar lies Škrabići beach - a well-kept concrete and pebble beach ideal for families with small children. Since Škrabići beach is surrounded by greenery which provides natural shade. Close to hotel Ambasador, there is Tomaševac beach, a beach which is partially concrete and partially sandy. Tomaševac beach offers visitors different sports playgrounds, bars, restaurants as well as parasols and sunbeds for rent. Near Angiolina park lies one of the most exclusive beaches on Opatija Riviera - sandy Lido beach. Because of its extraordinary offerings, sandy beach of Lido is an ideal place for perfect vacation. Pebble beach Lipovica is an ideal beach for families with children. Apart from sunbeds and parasols for rent, on beach Lipovica there is a restaurant, bar as well as showers and toilets.

One of the most beautiful beaches on the whole Opatija Riviera is beach Ičići, which is located in Ičići. Beach Ičići is the holder of the "Blue Flag", a confirmation that this beach offers everything needed for a perfect vacation including the quality of the sea water. Beach Ičići is an ideal destination if you are looking for active holidays because it has playgrounds for football, beach volleyball and water polo. Rent a sunbed and parasol and spend your vacation on Opatija Riviera.

Another beautiful and well-tended beach that offers its visitors everything needed for an ideal vacation is beach Ika, located in the center of Ika. The beach is partly concrete and partly pebble and, therefore, it is ideal for children. Beach Ika, besides showers, sunbeds and parasols, it also has a good restaurant and bar offer, and there is a small shop nearby.

The central beach in a tourist town of Lovran is beach Kvarner or beach Gradsko. Considering that it is a central city beach, the beach Kvarner is partly sandy and partly concreted and offers its visitors sports facilities, restaurants, bars and parasols and sunbeds.

Apart from beach Kvarner, Lovran has another very attractive pebble beach located in the northwest of Lovran - beach Peharovo. Beach Peharovo is surrounded by trees, why it is ideal for families with children looking for a natural shade. Beach also has a very rich offering of bars, restaurants and sports activities.

Beach Medveja is located not far from Opatija (8 km) and Lovran (2 km). Because of the extremely rich offer that apart from bars and restaurants includes aqua park and various sports activities, this beautiful pebble beach is ideal for families with children. If you are spending your vacation on Opatija Riviera, do not miss a chance to visit the attractive beach Medveja.

The longest beach that stretches about 16 kilometers from the bay of Cesar to Stepče bay is Mošćenička Draga beach, which consists of seven connected pebble beaches. The most beautiful beaches of this part of Riviera are beach Sipar and the hidden pebble beach of Sv. Ivan. Mošćenička Draga beach is considered by many as one of the most attractive beaches of the northern Adriatic. Along the whole beach, you can find numerous restaurants and bars ideal for a vacation.

Učka mountain range is located on the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, stretching close to the coast along Opatija Riviera. One of the most beautiful nature parks in Croatia, Učka Nature Park covers Učka mountain and part of Ćićarija mountain and extends over 160 km2. The highest point of Učka Nature Park is Vojak, which is 1,401 meters high (according to some sources 1,396 meters high) and Veli Planik, which is 1272 meters high. At the highest peak, Vojak, there is a 5 meter high stone tower, which was built in 1911 and which offers perhaps the most beautiful views across Istria and Kvarner. During the nice weather from the viewpoint it is possible to see Istria, Kvarner Bay and Kvarner islands, including the island of Cres, the island of Krk and the island of Lošinj, Gorski Kotar, Ćićarija, Velebit and neighboring Italy and the Alps.

Učka was declared a park of nature in 1999 because of the specific and dense forest vegetation which is influenced by the proximity to the sea and the sea air and the specific microclimate. In addition to the rich flora, a few endemic and endangered animal species can be seen in Učka Nature Park, such as griffon vulture and mullet eagle. In the nature park are there are two educational trails; educational trail "Plas" and educational trail "Vela Draga", mythological and historical trail "Trebišća-Perun", attractive promenade "Slap" leading to waterfall and trail of art "Stražica-Sapaćica".

Whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete, Učka Mountain offers its visitors numerous opportunities for recreation and active vacation - walking on hiking trails, mountain biking on bike trails, free climbing, hiking, speleology, bird watching, and adrenaline sports such as gliding and paragliding. For children, employees of the nature park prepare various programs and workshops to make the park more interesting.

The natural beauties and untouched nature of Učka Nature Park, and the impressive 360° view of Istria, Kvarner, and Učka area is something you will remember forever.

When someone mentions Opatija the first thing that comes to mind is the attractive promenade Lungomare which stretches 12 kilometers along the entire Opatija Riviera from Volosko to Lovran. The construction of the promenade began in 1885 when Opatija opened its first hotels Grand Hotel Kvarner and Hotel Imperial. For more than a hundred years, Lungomare represents a perfect place for resting of body and soul of the local population as well as their visitors. Promenade passes next to the beautiful colorful parks, villas and historical buildings, which are the perfect examples of Secesian architecture. Lungomare overlooks the entire Kvarner Bay and Kvarner Islands. On Lungomare promenade, there is one of the most recognizable symbols of Opatija and the entire Riviera - a statue built in 1956 the Girl with a Galleon ("Djevojka s galebom").

Angiolina Park is certainly one of the most beautiful parks of the entire Opatija Riviera, in which you can find more than 120 plant species. The magical Angiolina park, which always looks impeccably decorated, is the home of one of the symbols of Opatija - a flower of camellia. Walk along the paths of Angiolina Park and take a photo of the charming Villa Angiolina and Musical Pavilion.

In the center of Opatija, there is another attractive park - St. Jacob's Park. The colorful park of St. Jacob is an ideal place to relax body and soul with neo-baroque fountain, colorful flowers, numerous benches and the Art Pavilion "Juraj Šporer".

More than 100 years old Margarita Park is a little further away from the sea and offers its visitors a more intimate atmosphere compared to other parks in Opatija. Margarita Park is rich in various species of plant such as oak.

While Lungomare promenade stretches along the coastline, Carmen Sylve trail stretches in the Opatija hinterland. Every visitor will be impressed with the fresh air, the scent of the forests and the untouched nature which surrounds you. Carmen Sylve walking trail leads to the small fort which was built on the Rock of Queen Elizabeth.

The biggest advantage of Opatija Riviera is almost an ideal location that offers numerous possibilities for day trips to nearby Istria, Kvarner and Gorski Kotar. Due to its proximity, it is possible to organize excursions to some of the most beautiful national parks such as Risnjak, Brijuni or Plitvice Lakes, the center of Istria and charming Istrian towns as well as the islands of Cres, Rab and Krk.

Kvarner Bay is ideal for sailing enthusiasts since Opatija and Ičići have nautical marinas and Opatija Riviera is located near the islands of Cres, Krk and Lošinj. In addition to sailing, we strongly recommend exploring the underwater world by scuba diving. Wrecks of old sunken ships, underwater caves, and the wealth of underwater flora and fauna are just some of the reasons why to reach the undiscovered depths of the North Adriatic.

Opatija has been attracting tourists for many years during the entire year as it has a very rich restaurant and bar offer as well as other tourist offerings that attract guests regardless of the part of a year. Advent in Opatija has for years been considered one of the most beautiful Advents in Croatia, which every year attracts more and more visitors. Decorated squares and streets, an ice skating under stars and music concerts are just some of the reasons why Advent in Opatija is the guarantee of the best possible introduction to the Christmas period.

Possibilities for a vacation on Opatija Riviera are really great. Apart from walking throughout the magical parks and well-kept promenades along the entire Riviera, you should also try famous wellness and spa centers.

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Climate & Weather

Climate and weather conditions Opatija riviera

Since it is located in Kvarner, Opatija Riviera has a typical Mediterranean climate which is characterized by sunny, dry and hot summers and mild and rainy winters. What makes Opatija Riviera popular throughout a year is a very pleasant climate which during the summer months is ideal for swimming, while during mild winters it is ideal for long walks in the fresh air. All this makes Opatija an ideal destination for the development of health tourism. Pleasant climate is under significant influence from the Mediterranean and Učka forest.

The average daily air temperature during summer is about 22 °C while during winter the temperature drops to an average air temperature of 7 °C. Opatija Riviera has an average of 2100 sunny hours a year. Almost the ideal temperature during the summer months is particularly suitable for the development of tourism that has been developing in these areas for more than 120 years.

Opatija Riviera has a clean and quality sea, and in 1899 Opatija was declared a climatic health resort. The average sea temperature in summer rises up to 26 °C while the average winter temperature falls to 9 °C.

riviera.average-air - Opatija riviera

* average air temperature (°C) during the year in region Opatija riviera

riviera.average-sea - Opatija riviera

* average sea temperature (°C) during the year in region Opatija riviera