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Kvarner and Gorski Kotar - the blue and green heart of CroatiaKvarner is a part of Croatia between the Istrian and Velebit coasts. It consists of islands of CresLošinjKrkRabPag and the larger towns of RijekaSenjOpatijaLovran, and Crikvenica. For the town of Rijeka, as the largest Croatian port, it is especially important that the Kvarner Bay is deeper than the rest of the upper Adriatic (30-60m), which makes it the perfect place for seaport.

Throughout history, this area was inhabited by Liburnians and Histrians, who was later conquered by the Romans. Roman linguistic and cultural influence persisted and stayed long after the resettlement of the Slavic population. It is faithfully evidenced by the fact that the last speaker of the Roman-Slavic language died on the island of Krk in 1898. Throughout history, this area was dominated by Venice, Austria and its specificity is that here the ecclesiastical glagolitism has been proclaimed. From the 11th century until the Second Vatican Council in the 20th century, this was the only place within Catholicism in which Mass could serve in the national language.

The city of Rijeka is a port city in Croatia with its openness, multiculturalism and especially an urban culture that is reflected through the famous rock and punk scene. Numerous clubs and night bars in Rijeka can be easily visited due to the abundance of cheap accommodation that Rijeka offers, from rooms, inexpensive apartments on the coast and holiday houses, which can be rented through direct contact with the owners and without an agency fee.

The island of Krk is a special Kvarner story because it is the largest Croatian island. The old town of Krk in past owned by princes of Frankopan acts as a small Dubrovnik, where you can find many taverns and restaurants in stone-paved streets, and from stone walls enjoy the sea view. Here is private accommodation in holiday homes and cheap apartments available through direct contact with the owners, and apartments on the coast are numerous and varied to suit everybody's needs. Two popular places still need to be highlighted. One is Opatija, the birthplace of Croatian tourism, which with its elegant hotels and holiday houses is suitable for those who want to relax from the shivers of modern life. Second is the island of Rab and Lopar with the famous Paradise beach and the abundance of cheap accommodation, rooms, and apartments for rent for those who are looking for a relaxing vacation and beach fun.

Gorski Kotar is the most forested part of Croatia, and is often referred to as the green lungs of Croatia and is located between towns of Karlovac and Rijeka. The largest towns in the Gorski Kotar region are DelniceČabar, and Vrbovsko, and the highest peaks are Bjelolasica with 1534 meters and Risnjak with 1528 meters above sea level. The interesting thing about this part of Croatia is that you can hear all three Croatian dialects in it, here is spoken Stokavian, Kajkavian, and Chakavian dialect. Throughout history this part of Croatia was inhabited by Japod tribes, then Romans and finally Croats, followed by the conquest of the Ottomans and Austria. This part of Croatia, in addition to culinary delights, offers above all beautiful and unspoiled nature, preserved mountains and green hilltop forests. Because of its specific position, it is close to both the metropolis of Zagreb and the Kvarner coast, so it is easily accessible. With plenty of cheap accommodation in holiday homes and apartments, there is no reason not to visit it.

We will help you establish direct contact with private accommodation owners regardless of whether you are looking for cheap rooms, affordable apartments or luxurious holiday homes. You just need to choose your next holiday destination on Adriatic sea in Kvarner or in mountains of Gorski Kotar. Welcome to the blue and green heart of Croatia!

Kvarner region

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