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Lošinj - Mali Lošinj Mali Lošinj is a famous tourist city in Primorje-Gorski Kotar county in Croatia. It is located on the south side of the island Lošinj in a deep natural bay Augusta. It is the largest city of all the Adriatic islands with about 7,000 inhabitants. It was first mentioned under the name Malo Selo in the 14th century, when the area was settled by Croatian families, who were engaged mainly in agriculture and animal husbandry, and later fishing. Its economic climax was in the 19th century when Mali Lošinj had several shipyards and in the port was anchored the strongest merchant fleet in the entire Adriatic, before the invention of the steam engine and steamships. During the 20th-century, tourism has started developing rapidly, and today Mali Lošinj is a very popular tourist destination and health resort thanks to its natural position, favorable health effects of the climate and thick fragrant Mediterranean vegetation. Accommodation offer in Mali Lošinj is numerous and varied, and along with several hotels and camps, accommodation is offered in comfortable apartments, rooms and holiday homes within private family houses. You can relax on the many beautiful beaches on the east and west side of the island, and all of them are close to the city center. Some of the most popular are beach and cove Čikat, Borik, Veli žal in Sunčana bay, and Srebrna bay with several pebble and rocky beaches. Almost all beaches are surrounded by pine trees, so do not miss the natural shade and the possibility of renting various beach equipment. Nearby Lošinj are numerous hiking paths and biking trails on which you can enjoy in the pleasant fragrance of herbs, beautiful landscapes, lookouts, and small hidden coves.
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From Mali Lošinj are organized daily excursions to the nearby islands: sandy Susak and sunny Ilovik, and there is a possibility of a scenic boat ride with dolphin watching The rich tourist offering includes also a panoramic flight over the archipelago, jeep safari, scuba diving, sailing, and other sports activities From historical monuments worth visiting is Museum Apoxiomen, most complete and best-preserved ancient bronze statue of an athlete from the first century BC, which was found in the seawaters of Lošinj We invite you to visit Lošinj, the island of vitality and spend a vacation surrounded by the fragrances of the Garden of Eden of the Adriatic Search for private accommodation in Mali Lošinj Contact directly owners of apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Mali Lošinj and save up to 40% Welcome to Mali Lošinj!

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Lošinj - Mali Lošinj

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