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Complete guide to tourist attractions in Croatia. Discover, explore and visit natural and cultural sights, events and points of interest, the best restaurants and bars, and spend an unforgettable vacation in Croatia! Check our top 10 reasons to visit Croatia!

Why visit Croatia?

Top 10 reasons to visit Croatia

  1. 1 5835 km of coastline
    The Adriatic shore of Croatia is the most indented coastline in the Mediterranean making it an oasis for numerous summer activities. Croatia's Adriatic Sea mainland coast is 1777 kilometers long, while its 1246 islands and islets have a further 4058 kilometers of coastline making a total of 5835 kilometers coastline. A paradise for sailing, boat trips, summer vacation, enjoying on beaches, water sports, and explorations.

  2. 2 1246 islands and islets
    The largest islands in the Adriatic are Cres and Krk (405 km2) and the tallest is Brač (Vidova gora - 780 meters above sea level). Out of 1246 Croatian islands, islets, and rocks, 47 of them are permanently inhabited. The most populous islands are Krk and Korčula (a little bit more than 15000 residents).

  3. 3 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    Although a small country, Croatia has a rich culture and history. Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List are: Plitvice Lakes National Park, Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč, Diocletian's Palace and medieval Split, the Old City of Dubrovnik, historic city of Trogir, Stari Grad plain on the island of Hvar, the cathedral of St. James in Šibenik, stećci - medieval tombstones, Venetian works of defense between 16th and 17th centuries (fortress of St. Nikola in Šibenik and defense system in Zadar), and primeval beech forests of the Carpathians and other regions of Europe (national parks North Velebit and Paklenica).
  1. 4 8 national parks
    Brijuni, Kornati, Krka, Mljet, Paklenica, Plitvice lakes, Risnjak, and North Velebit are national parks in Croatia. The oldest, largest, and most popular Croatian National Park is Plitvice lakes, but each national park is unique and worth of visit. You can swim in emerald waters of river Krka, hike and climb on Velebit mountain, sail between hundreds of islands of Kornati, dive in crystal clear Adriatic sea on the island of Mljet, or explore many waterfalls in Plitvice.

  2. 5 Natural and geographical diversity
    Thanks to its 3 very distinct geographic regions (Adriatic, Dinaric, and Continental/Pannonian), Croatia is abundant with natural beauties. Croatia occupies the largest part of the eastern coast of the Adriatic sea which, as a part of the Mediterranean sea, penetrates deepest into European soil. The narrow Dinaric Alps (Dinarides) mountain range separates the Adriatic (Mediterranean) region from central European continental part. Continental Croatia spans from the easterly edges of the Alps in the North-West to the shores of the Danube in the East, encompassing the southern part of the fertile Pannonian lowlands.

  3. 6 Spectacular beaches
    Croatia is famed for its scenic beaches and crystal clear sea that almost every place on the coast has. One of the most well-known beaches is Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) in Bol on the island of Brač and Nugal beach in Makarska. Most beaches on the Croatian Adriatic coast are pebbles but there are also sandy beaches that are very popular for families with children and one of the most famous sandy beaches is Paradise beach in Lopar on the island of Rab. It is no surprise that Croatia and Adriatic coast is as a tourist magnet attracting visitors from all around the world.
  1. 7 Pleasant climate
    The areas along the Adriatic coast have a pleasantly mild Mediterranean climate with a large number of sunny days, summers are hot and dry and winters are mild and wet. When is the best time to visit? We would say spring (May and June) and autumn (September and October) to avoid the peak season crowds. May and the first half of June is a great time to visit Croatia, as temperatures have already risen to pleasant levels and days are longer and longer. September and early October have sunny weather with very warm temperatures, and the sea is warm enough for swimming. You’ll also get a greater choice of private accommodation in Croatia and can dodge high prices during main season.

  2. 8 Olive oil, wine, and Croatian cuisine
    The coastal region of Croatia is characterized by the influences of Mediterranean cuisines. It features many seafood specialties (squid, cuttlefish, octopus, shrimp, lobster...) prepared in various ways, olive oil, prosciutto, various vegetables, Dalmatian wines such as Babić, Malvasia, Prosecco and Vrbnik Žlahtina, and various liqueurs like the famous Maraschino. Continental Croatia cuisine is rich with meat products, freshwater fish, and vegetables. Istrian and Dalmatian olive oil is exceptional, the extra virgin quality, and you can participate in olive harvest during October and November and experience local customs and traditional way of life.

  3. 9 Easy to reach and super safe
    Thanks to its geographical position and excellent road connections (modern highways) it only takes couple of hours drive from Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia to reach Croatia and Adriatic coast. There are many air lines between Croatia (Zagreb, Zadar, Pula, Split, Dubrovnik) and major European citys (inluding lowcost flights). In Croatia, you will feel super safe as crime rates are among lowest in the world, but it makes sense to be careful in public places, especially train and bus stations in major cities.

  4. 10 Laganini (Mediterranean) lifestyle
    Did you know Laganini is a Croatian slang word? Laganini means to go slowly without any rush, but its true meaning is much more than that. Laganini is a state of mind, slowness rather than fatigue, lowering from a higher speed to a slower speed, or how to learn to appreciate a slower lifestyle. And Croatians would say "Samo Laganini", in literal translation - "go slowly", because it is a lifestyle. Similar to the Mediterranean style of living a more simple life outdoors which has a slow pace and of course accompanied by healthy Mediterranean food.

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