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Croatia has more than 1000 islands of which 48 are inhabited. Check out the photo gallery of each island and find out more about the beautiful Croatian islands like Krk, Pag, Vir, Brač, Hvar, Vis or Korčula. Check out why you should choose one of the islands for your next vacation destination.

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7 reasons why to spend your next vacation in Croatia on one of the islands

Below we will give you just a couple of reasons why we believe that vacation on one of the Croatian islands is an ideal way to completely relax with your family and friends. There are plenty of reasons, but it is much more interesting if you discover them by yourself.

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    On the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea, there are 1244 islands - 78 islands (48 inhabited), 524 islets, and 642 cliffs and reefs. Croatia is one of the most indented countries in the Mediterranean and in the world. Located in the northern part of the Adriatic (Kvarner bay), islands Krk and Cres are the largest Croatian islands (with a surface of 405 km2) while island of Brač , which is located in the central Adriatic (Dalmatia), is the highest island (778 meters above sea level).

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    There are 3 national parks on the islands in Croatia. Brijuni National Park in Istria, Kornati National Park in northern Dalmatia, and Mljet National Park in southern Dalmatia. We definitely recommend a day trip to one of these unique islands of the Adriatic sea.

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    Croatian islands are a paradise for all lovers of nature, sailing and active holidays. There are many different activities and opportunities on each of the islands: hiking, cycling, sailing, diving, kayaking, swimming, various water sports, long walks with the scents of Mediterranean herbs...

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    The islands have some of the most beautiful and famous beaches on the Adriatic; Zlatni rat in Bol on the island of Brač, Stiniva on the island of Vis, Paradise beach on the island of Rab, Sakarun on Dugi Otok, Sv. Ivan Lubenice on the island of Cres, sandy beach Slanica on Murter, party beach Zrće on the island of Pag... From beautiful and spacious sandy beaches to pebble and stone beaches, everyone can find something for themselves on the islands.

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    Thanks to favorable sea currents, the Adriatic sea is one of the cleanest in the world. You can experience crystal clear sea especially on the islands where you can see a variety of sea colors from deep blue to emerald green. Here visibility reaches up to 50 meters in depth. A special experience is swimming with various species of marine fish and mammals, especially on the outer remote islands.

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    If you want to experience Laganini way of life, then you must spend a vacation on one of the islands, especially the smaller ones where time seems to have stopped. The time here is passing slower, there is no noise, crowds, and smog but only peace and relaxing energy of the sea and surrounding greenery. Traffic is banned on smaller islands, and tourism on many islands has not yet reached its full potential, so you can truly enjoy your vacation and experience a traditional Mediterranean lifestyle.

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    On all islands, you can find affordable accommodation in private apartments and holiday homes. Kind hosts will share with you all the secrets and show you hidden corners of the island, and maybe even treat you with local delicacies. The experience of staying in private accommodation certainly remains in the memory for a long time, and the vast majority of guests return to their hosts to enjoy their next vacation.

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About islands

Interesting info about islands in Croatia

Almost all islands in the Adriatic Sea are belonging to Croatia, i.e. all are located along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea along the steep slopes of the Dinaric mountains. The great indentation of the coast is a consequence of the formation of the Adriatic Sea after the last ice age in Europe. Then, due to the melting of huge amounts of ice, the sea level rose 100 m, and the peaks of the former mountains became islands, bays, and sea passages. The consequence of this natural phenomenon is that the direction of the islands follows the direction of the mountains on the mainland (Dalmatian type of coast).

As the entire Croatian Adriatic coast is dotted with islands of different sizes, islands are defined in 3 categories: islands with an area of more than 1 km2, islands with an area of fewer than 1 km2 and more than 0.01 km2, and reefs with an area of fewer than 0.01 km2. According to this classification, Croatia has 78 islands, 524 islets, and 642 reefs. A total of 1244 islands, of which only 48 are inhabited.

Islands Croatia

Most islands in Croatia have a similar history. The islands reached their peak in the number of inhabitants and economic activity at the beginning of the 20th century, after which significant emigration began due to poor economic conditions, mostly to overseas countries. This trend of emigration continued until the end of the 20th century when tourism began to develop, and the trend reversed. Today, some islands even recorded an increase in population, especially those connected by a bridge with the mainland (islands Vir, Krk, Pag, Murter, Čiovo).

Historical circumstances and hardships have allowed the islands to remain largely protected from over-development, heavy industry, over-construction, and pollution. Even today, tourism on most islands is not developed, and on many of them, it seems as the time stopped many years ago. This brings them a special charm because you can get to know and feel the Mediterranean (Laganini) way of life. Perfect relaxation and vacation are guaranteed!

Accommodation on most smaller islands can only be found as part of private family accommodation. This makes them an ideal destination for all lovers of a peaceful and relaxed holiday surrounded with untouched nature and crystal clear sea.

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