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Pašman - Neviđane - Pašman
Pašman - Neviđane

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Pašman - Pašman - Pašman
Pašman - Pašman

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Pašman - Kraj - Pašman
Pašman - Kraj

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Pašman - Tkon - Pašman
Pašman - Tkon

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Pašman - Dobropoljana - Pašman
Pašman - Dobropoljana

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Pašman - Ždrelac - Pašman
Pašman - Ždrelac

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Mago - mascot

The island of Pašman is a true paradise for lovers of nature and peaceful family vacations. It is the second-largest island of the Zadar archipelago (60 km2), separated from the mainland with the Pašman channel (which is from 2 to 5 km wide). The island is accessible to visitors since it has a bridge that connects Pašman with the island of Ugljan. Close to Pašman, there is one of the most known small islands in Croatia - the heart-shaped island of Galešnjak. Galešnjak is also known as the island of love or the island of lovers.

The island of Pašman has been inhabited since ancient times, and today it has around 3,000 permanent inhabitants. The locals are mainly engaged in agriculture (wine and olive oil), fishing and tourism. 

Pašman offers its visitors plenty of possibilities. The majority of beaches are natural pebble beaches where you can enjoy crystal clear sea, sunbathing and swimming. Beaches are usually surrounded by pine trees what makes them ideal for families with children. Top beaches on Pašman are sandy Matlovac beach near Ždrelac, Polača beach, Soline beach, Banj beach, Dobropoljana beach, Lokva beach near Neviđane, sandy Mrljane beach, Barotul beach, Lučina beach near Pašman, Jasenice beach, Tratica beach and Dužica beach near Kraj.

For lovers of active vacations, Pašman offers plenty of hiking and biking trails of different heaviness. The viewpoint Straža on the hill above the town of Tkon offers an attractive view of the entire island of Pšman and nearby Kornati archipelago, same as from the stone lookout of Veliki Bokolj (272 meters high). Remains of the stone fortress Ugrinića Dvori from the 16th century and the Franciscan monastery St. Dujma from the 14th century are also worth visiting. Other activities include rowing, sailing, volleyball, and bowling. On the island, there are many cultural events including Fishermen's night and the Škraping international trekking race. On Pašman there are many small restaurants and Dalmatian taverns offering local specialties such as octopus, lamb, Dalmatian ham, and pašticada.

It is easy to reach the island of Pašman - there is a frequent daily ferry line from Zadar to Preko (Ugljan), while Pašman is connected to the island of Ugljan with the bridge. You can also choose the ferry line Biograd - Tkon (Pašman). Tourism is developing with a focus on green or eco-tourism. The best accommodation is offered in private apartments, rooms, or holiday homes.


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The climate of Pašman is typical Mediterranean - characterized by mild winters and dry summers. The average air temperature in July is 24 °C while the coldest month is January with an average temperature of 12 °C. The area of Pašman is not overexposed to strong winds, moreover, summer wind “maestral” is ideal for windsurfing and sailing. With more than 2,500 hours of sun per year, Pašman is an ideal summer holiday destination. Average sea temperature ranges from 13 °C in February to almost 25 °C in August.