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Pašman - Ždrelac

Ždrelac is a small tourist village and municipality in the county of Zadar in Croatia. It is situated on the north of the island of Pašman, near the bridge that connects the island of Pašman with the island of Ugljan. Like all other towns on the island of Pašman, it is located on the east coast of the Pašman channel across which is the town of Sukošan. It was named after a narrow passage - Ždril, which separates the island of Ugljan and island of Pašman. It has about 300 permanent residents, who are mainly engaged in agriculture, viticulture, olive growing, fishing, and tourism. Accommodation is exclusively offered in private accommodation and in rooms, apartments or holiday homes within private houses. The place is formed around a central church of St. Luke and expanded to several nearby valleys and hills, including a new settlement near the bridge. Rugged coastline with beautiful pebbles beaches, crystal clear waters, peace, and quiet are attracting guests from all over the world, but also weekenders, which makes Ždrelac o...

Pašman - Ždrelac

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YouTube video of the favorite resort of the citizens of Zadar. We invite you to visit Ždrelac, this oasis of peace and tranquility, where you can spend unforgettable holidays on the island of Pašman. Search for cheap private accommodation in Ždrelac. Apartments, rooms, and holiday homes cheaper up to 40%, without expensive agency fees. Welcome to Ždrelac!