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Kukljica is a picturesque tourist and fishing town in the county of Zadar in Croatia. It is situated on the southeastern part of the island Ugljan, near the Strait of Ždrelac, where the bridge connects the island of Pašman with Ugljan. Like all of the island places, Kukljica is situated on the east coast of the island and is separated from the mainland by Zadar channel. Across the channel are the historic city of Zadar and Sukošan. The old town core, which is decorated with original old stone houses with Mediterranean architecture, is situated in a beautiful bay and well-protected harbor full of fishing and pleasure boats, yachts and sailboats. Across the bay is holiday resort Zelena Punta. Accommodation is offered in one hotel, and numerous and diverse private accommodation in apartments and rooms in private homes. Sandy beaches Sabuša, Kostanj, Zelena Punta, and Jelenica stretches on both sides of the island in the shade of ancient pine forests. Beach Sabuša although on the western side of the island of Ugljan, is very accessi...

Ugljan - Kukljica

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...ble and is just a few kilometers away from Kukljica. In the Kostanj bay is a valuable historical monument, where is restored old Christian church of St. Jerome from the 13th century. Walk along the coast is a real pleasure for all lovers of nature, peace and clean air, particularly the peninsula Zelena Punta which is covered with thick pine forests. Unique tourist attraction in Kukljica is the traditional procession of boats which takes place every year on August 5 for the feast of Our Lady of the Snow. The statue of Our Lady of the Snow is accompanied by processions of hundreds of small and large boats that attracts many curious visitors and guests. Visit the island of Ugljan and Kukljica, and relax on one of the many sandy beaches and spend an unforgettable summer vacation. Search for private accommodation in Kukljica on Ugljan. Apartments, rooms, and holiday homes cheaper up to 40%, without expensive agency fees. Welcome to Kukljica!