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Iž is the island in Zadar archipelago, which is situated between Dugi Otok and the island of Ugljan. It has an area of ​​about 18 km2, and the whole island has about 600 permanent residents in two settlements Mali and Veli Iž. The island was inhabited in prehistoric times, and it was first mentioned by Byzantine emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus in the 10th century under the name of Ez. During the Middle Ages until the 19th century, it was owned by the Zadar nobility and wealthy citizens. The center of the island is Veli Iž, which is located in a picturesque bay on the eastern side of the island. Here is preserved the old town core with a typical Mediterranean architecture, narrow stone streets and houses. The village has a hotel, marina and numerous apartments and rooms inside private accommodation. In the heart of the town is restored the church of St. Peter and Paul. Mali Iž is located on the southeast coast of the island in two bays - Knez and Komoševa. Not far from Mali Iž are the bay Brsanj and ferry port from where ...


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...regularly goes ferries to the city of Zadar. Olive oil, fisheries, and maritime affairs are the main economic activities on the island. Tourism and tourist services are becoming increasingly popular due to its preserved nature, pleasant climate and clean sea. Kind residents will try to make your vacation as pleasant as possible. The island has many beautiful small coves, hidden beaches, and crystal clear seawaters, making it ideal for a quiet family vacation. The climate is the mild Mediterranean, with plenty of sun and heat. We recommend visiting the interesting ethnographic collection in Veli Iž that very vividly depicts the life of the former inhabitants of the island. One of the interesting facts is that to this day is kept old artisan craft of pottery. Contact directly owners of apartments, rooms and holiday homes on the island of Iž, save up to 40% and relax on this beautiful and tranquil island. Search for affordable accommodation in Mali and Veli Iž. Welcome to the island of Iž!