Rivieras on the Adriatic coast in Croatia

Explore most sunny, topographically most diverse, and popular parts of the Adriatic coast in Croatia. Find out more about Makarska, Omiš, and Opatija Riviera and why they are so popular and why they attract so many guests and tourists.

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Makarska, Omiš & Opatija

3 most famous Croatian Riviera

Omiš riviera

Omiš Riviera, located in the very center of Dalmatia, extends 30 kilometers between Split and another attractive Riviera - Makarska Riviera. Omiš Riviera starts in Podstrana in the north and it ends in the small fishing village of Piska in the south. Omiš Riviera is rich in numerous attractive pebble beaches and attractive views of the blue sea, the Brač Channel and the nearby islands of Brač and Šolta. Because...


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Omiš riviera

Makarska riviera

One of the most attractive parts of Dalmatia, as well as the entire Adriatic coast, Makarska Riviera, is located in the Split-Dalmatia County. Around 53 kilometers long, Makarska Riviera stretches from the town of Baćina in the south to Vrulje bay in the north. Situated at the foot of the impressive Biokovo, Makarska Riviera is rich in numerous attractive beaches surrounded by thick pine forests. The nearby charming islands of...


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Makarska riviera

Opatija riviera

Opatija is the center of one of the most beautiful parts of Kvarner, Kvarner Bay and entire charming Opatija Riviera. Opatija Riviera is situated in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar county at the foot of the impressive mountain of Učka and Učka nature park. About 17 kilometers long, Opatija Riviera is one of the pearls of Croatian tourism, and it has the longest tradition in tourism in entire Croatia. Opatija Riviera is...


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Opatija riviera

Why riviera

7 reasons to spend your next vacation in Croatia on one of rivieras

Below we will give you just a couple of reasons why we believe that spending a vacation on one of the Croatian rivieras is an ideal way to completely relax and spend a great vacation with your family and friends. There are plenty more reasons, but of course, it is much more interesting if you discover them by yourself.

  1. 1
    Along the coast of all 3 rivieras are stretching many spectacular beaches ideal for perfect family holidays. On Makarska Riviera in Brela is located beach Punta Rata (Dugi Rat) that magazine Forbes has declared as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. On Omiš Riviera most popular beach is 700 meters long sandy beach Velika beach which is located in the center of Omiš. On Opatija Riviera, the longest beach that stretches several hundred meters is Mošćenička Draga beach, which consists of seven connected pebble beaches.
  2. 2
    All 3 rivieras are located at the foot of impressive mountains that provide numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. Above the Makarska Riviera rises almost 1800 meters high mountain Biokovo, which offers unforgettable views, especially from the newly opened Skywalk promenade (heavenly promenade). Above the Omiš Riviera rises the mountain Omiš Dinara, which is a favorite destination for all adventurers because it offers rock climbing, zip-line, and many other extreme sports. Above the Opatija Riviera rises 1400 meters high mountain Učka, which is also a nature park and an oasis of greenery and wilderness.
  3. 3
    Rivieras are the ideal starting point for many outdoor activities and for all those who like to have active holidays. Some of the activities include hiking, rafting, zip-line and rock climbing (on Omiš Riviera on river Cetina), paragliding, cycling (numerous bike trails), various water sports... One thing is for sure, you will never be bored during vacation on one of these rivieras.
  4. 4
    In a small area (approximately 30 km long) of each riviera, there are many places with rich and interesting tourist offer. You can easily explore the entire riviera and every day spend in a different place, on a different beach, and with different activities. Each place is unique and offers something interesting and worth visiting.
  5. 5
    The proximity of large towns like Rijeka (Opatija Riviera), Split (Omiš Riviera), and Dubrovnik (Makarska Riviera) is great advantage, because larger towns offer different types of fun. You can visit some of the famous UNESCO world heritage sites (Diocletian's Palace in Split, the Old City of Dubrovnik, the historic center of Trogir), have a good time on a night out, or just go shopping.
  6. 6
    You have the possibility to go on interesting one day boat trips and visit islands like Hvar, Brač, and Vis from Makarska and Omiš Riviera and islands of Cres and Krk from Opatija Riviera. It is a great way to spend a day with family and friends. Exploring islands, enjoying in sea views and swimming in hidden coves in crystal clear Adriatic sea.
  7. 7
    Each riviera has a large offer of all types of accommodation, especially private accommodation, so you can easily find an ideal holiday apartment, room, or holiday home. This is even easier with web portalLaganini.com where you can contact directly owners of accommodation and book accommodation without any fees (direct reservations).

About Rivieras

Find out more about rivieras in Croatia

Riviera is originally an Italian word that means "coastline". Today riviera is applied to particular parts of the coastline that meet certain conditions. Riviera has to be sunny with numerous beautiful beaches, it has to be topographically diverse, and very popular with tourists. Makarska, Omiš, and Opatija Riviera meet all conditions so we can rightfully call them rivieras.

Makarska Riviera
Makarska Riviera

Around 53 kilometers long, Makarska Riviera stretches from Baćina in the south to Vrulje bay in the north. Situated at the foot of the impressive Biokovo mountain, Makarska Riviera is rich in numerous beautiful and attractive beaches (Punta Rata, Podrače, Nikolina, Nugal, Mala, and Velika Duba, Gornja Vala...)

The town of Makarska is the center and largest town of the entire riviera. Due to the excellent location between the major cities of Split and Dubrovnik, the nearby islands (Hvar and Brač), and the peninsula Pelješac, Makarska Riviera is the perfect starting point for daily excursions and adventures.

Makarska Riviera has a typical Mediterranean climate which is characterized by sunny, dry, and hot summers and damp and mild winters. Thanks to a large number of sunny hours throughout the year and the high air and sea temperatures, the tourist season lasts from early spring to late autumn.

Steep slopes and Biokovo peaks, green pine forests, and crystal clear Adriatic sea make Makarska Riviera one of the most attractive parts of the Adriatic coast.

Omiš Riviera
Omiš Riviera

Omiš Riviera extends 30 kilometers in length between the town of Split and Makarska Riviera (from Podstrana in the north until the small tourist village Pisak in the south).

Omiš Riviera is also rich in numerous attractive pebble and sandy beaches (Dugi Rat, Velika, Slavinj, Brzet, Mala Luka, Ruskamen...) and unforgettable views of the blue Adriatic sea, the nearby island of Brač and mountains Mosor, and Omiš Dinara.

Omiš, the ancient pirate town, is the center of this riviera. Omiš is located at the mouth of the Cetina river, an emerald beauty in karst area of Dalmatia. Here you can enjoy many activities like rafting and kayaking in pristine nature.

The entire area has a typical Mediterranean climate with average air temperature during summer at about 25 °C and in winter at about 8 °C. Temperature is ideal especially in Omiš during the summer months when, due to the fresh air coming from the Cetina river canyon, the air temperature is slightly lower than in other surrounding places.

Opatija Riviera
Opatija Riviera

Opatija Riviera is located at the very beginning of the Istrian peninsula at the foot of the impressive mountain of Učka (nature park). The city of Rijeka is just 12 kilometers away.

Beautiful nature, parks, old Austro-Hungarian villas, long promenades, and beaches (Angiolina, Ičići, Peharovo, Medveja, Mošćenička Draga...) have been attracting tourists from Europe and the world for the last 160 years to Opatija, which is the center of riviera.

Coastal promenade Lungomare, which extends 12 kilometers from Opatija to Lovran is one of the most known and attractive parts of the riviera. The construction of the Lungomare promenade began in 1885 when the first hotels were opened in Opatija, and it was completed four years later when Opatija was proclaimed as a health destination.

About 17 kilometers long, Opatija Riviera is one of the pearls of Croatian tourism and has the longest tradition in tourism in entire Croatia.

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