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Drašnice is a small village situated in the municipality of Podgora in Croatia. It is located just ten kilometers south of Makarska. Today it has a population of just over three hundred inhabitants. The name Drašnice originated from a thorny plant, which occurs abundantly in the wider area of Dalmatia. Life in the area around Drašnice flourished since ancient times, and the remains of material culture in the area are dating to 8,000 years back in history. What makes unique in Drašnice are perfectly preserved stone houses of farmers and merchants who lived in them up to the great earthquake of 1962. That same year, they began to build the Adriatic highway, which allowed for movement of population to coastal areas. At the same time town experience rapid development of tourism thanks to its beautiful pebbles beaches and crystal clear seawaters. The local population has always been engaged in agriculture and fishing, and today their main activity is tourism. Drašnice offers their guests a varied and comfortable accommodation in rooms...


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