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Podaca is a small tourist and coastal place on Makarska riviera. It is located 35 kilometers south of Makarska and 2 kilometers east of Zaostrog. It belongs administratively to Gradac municipality. It consists of three villages: Kapeć, Viskovića Vala and Ravanje, where about 650 permanent residents live. The village was first mentioned in the 15th century. Many years later, on the hill above the settlement, a tower for defense from the Turks was built, which today offers beautiful panoramic views of the whole area. Podaca's inhabitants are mainly engaged in tourism, but also in fisheries, agriculture and olive growing. Most tourist services are offered in private accommodation, where friendly hosts offer comfortable houses, villas, rooms, apartments and several bars and restaurants. Podaca is a very quiet place suitable for family vacations, especially because of pleasant Mediterranean climate of this area and beautiful pebble beaches. Nearby is the beautiful mountain of Biokovo and nature park Biokovo, which will delight anyone who...


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