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Promajna - Makarska riviera

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Brela - Makarska riviera

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Zaostrog - Makarska riviera

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Igrane - Makarska riviera

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Makarska - Makarska riviera

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Tučepi - Makarska riviera

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Baška Voda - Makarska riviera
Baška Voda

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Drvenik - Makarska riviera

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Gradac - Makarska riviera

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Živogošće - Makarska riviera

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Drašnice - Makarska riviera

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Podaca - Makarska riviera

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Podgora - Makarska riviera

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One of the most attractive parts of Dalmatia, as well as the entire Adriatic coast, Makarska Riviera, is located in the Split-Dalmatia County. Around 53 kilometers long, Makarska Riviera stretches from the town of Baćina in the south to Vrulje bay in the north. Situated at the foot of the impressive Biokovo, Makarska Riviera is rich in numerous attractive beaches surrounded by thick pine forests. The nearby charming islands of Hvar, Korčula, Brač as well as peninsula Pelješac are ideal for a day trip. Due to the excellent location between the major cities of Split and Dubrovnik and the nearby islands, Makarska Riviera is the perfect starting point for excursions whether you would like to go on a boat trip or on a trip to the mainland. Steep slopes, Biokovo peaks, coastline surrounded by green pine trees and crystal clear sea make Makarska Riviera one of the most attractive part of the Adriatic coast.

In addition to Makarska, which is the center of the Riviera, Makarska Riviera also includes the municipalities of Brela, Gradac, Promajna, Tučepi, Bratuš, Baska Voda, Podgora, Drašnice, Živogošće, Igrane, Drvenik, Zaostrog, Brist and Podaca. Makarska Riviera is inhabited since a distant past, and Maccarum (Makarska), Biston (Baska Voda) and Breulia (Brela) for the first time were mentioned in ancient records. In the middle of the last century, Makarska Riviera became a very popular destination for numerous tourists eager to enjoy the unspoiled nature and impressive mountain Biokovo.

Apart from magnificent Biokovo which rises above Makarska Riviera, one of the trademarks of this area are numerous attractive beaches and coves surrounded by crystal blue sea and dense pine forests. Whether you are looking for smaller and quieter beaches or more visited beaches with diverse offerings, water attractions and parks for children ...

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...and playgrounds for various sports activities, the choice is great. It is important to note that all beaches are suitable for families with children. The most attractive and beautiful beaches of Makarska Riviera certainly include Punta Rata beach or Dugi rat beach, Vruja beach and Podraca beach in Brela, the central beach of Nikolina in Baska Voda, Donja Luka beach in Makarska, nudist beach (FKK) Nugal which lies between Makarska and Tučepi, the central beach in Tučepi, Djevičanska beach in Igrane, Mala Duba beach and Velika Duba beach in Živogošće, Dole beach near Živogošće Blato and the attractive Gornja Vala beach near the town of Gradac.

It is impossible to talk about Makarska Riviera without mentioning the mountain of Bikovo that rises above the whole Riviera. One of the most beautiful nature parks in Croatia is famous for its numerous remarkable views over Omiš, Split, the nearby islands of Vis, Mljet, Hvar, Brač, Korčula, Pelješac Peninsula and the entire Brač Channel. The highest peak is 1762 meters high St. Jura, which can be reached via an asphalt road, so it is possible to visit it by car. On the way to the highest peak, you can find several restaurants offering local specialties. For those looking for adrenaline, it is possible to organize hang gliding.

In the vicinity of Makarska there is a very popular Vepric shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Lourdes. The sanctuary Vepric looks very similar to the shrine in Lourdes because of the streams, plants and hills surrounding the chapel, the altar and the stations of the crossroads, as well as the natural cave where the statue of the Virgin Mary stands.

Beautiful pebbly beaches, crystal clear sea, thick pine forest and mountain Biokovo are a guarantee that Makarska Riviera is an ideal place for your dream holiday. Accommodation on Makarska Riviera can be found in an apartment with a terrace and sea view, a holiday home with a swimming pool or in a modernly decorated room. Our website offers direct contact with the owners, regardless of whether you are looking for cheap accommodation in an apartment or holiday home. Find the ideal accommodation from our offer of apartments, holiday homes and rooms without paying agency commission. Enjoy the powerful magic of Makarska Riviera!

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Nature park Biokovo - Makarska
Nature park Biokovo - Makarska
Baćina lakes - Ploče
Baćina lakes - Ploče


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The beautiful pebble beach Punta Rata (Dugi Rat) is located in Brela. Forbes magazine has declared it as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The most recognizable symbol of Punta Rata beach is the "stone of Brela", a stone island that embellishes many postcards. Dugi Rat beach is the carrier of the Blue Flag.

Another very charming pebble beach is located in Brela - Vruja beach. This hidden beach is surrounded by steep cliffs, while a part of the beach is for nudists (FKK beach). The sea on the beach is slightly colder than the average sea temperature in the surrounding places, as the sources of fresh water are nearby.

Similarly to Punta Rata, travel magazine European Best Destinations declared Podrače beach in Brela as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Podrače Beach is situated on untouched and peaceful bay that is considered as one of the most beautiful bays on the entire Makarska Riviera. The hidden cove is surrounded by rocks and aromatic pines that provide visitors natural shade.

The pebble beach Nikolina is the central beach in Baška Voda. Due to the clear blue sea, Nikolina beach holds the Blue Flag. Furthermore, since it has a very good tourist offer, in 2008, the beach won the Blue Flower award, a tourist award for the best-equipped beach in Croatia.

A few kilometers long gravel beach Donja Luka is located in Makarska. Donja Luka beach is very popular among visitors who can rest in the natural shade of pine trees. The beach is rich in various water attractions such as pedal boats, water slides, parasailing and bungee jumping.

FKK Nugal beach (nudist beach) is located between Makarska and Tučepi. This beautiful pebble beach is very popular among nudists as it is hidden among steep cliffs and green pine forest. The crystal clear sea, green pine trees that provide natural shade and rocks rising over Nugal Beach, are ideal for a perfect vacation away from the city crowds.

The four kilometers long pebble beach Tucepi is located in the small fishing village that bears same name - Tucepi. Surrounded by pine trees and tamaris, the beach stretches along the whole tourist town of Tučepi with extremely attractive promenade. Due to its offering, Tučepi beach is popular with families with children.

At the entrance to Igrane lies Djevičanska beach. Although Igrane is rich in attractive beaches, Djevičanska beach is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches. The pebble beach of Djevičanska is surrounded by green pines and crystal clear blue sea, and as the beach is isolated, it is ideal for visitors wishing to escape from the crowd.

Near the village of Živogošće there are two beautiful pebble beaches - Mala Duba beach and Velika Duba beach. Mala Duba Beach is surrounded by dense pine forests offering a deep natural shade. More south from Mala Duba is another attractive pebble beach located in the bay of Velika Duba - Velika Duba beach. During the summer, you can visit the beach bar where you can enjoy one of your favorite cocktails.

The attractive gravel beach Kamp Dole is located in Dole campsite, at the entrance of Živogošće Blato. Kamp Dole Beach offers everything you need for an ideal holiday - pure blue sea, natural shade and views of the impressive Biokovo mountain, main reasons why many families with children visit this beach.

The longest beach of Makarska Riviera is 5 km long Gornja Vala beach, which is located in the town of Gradac. This pebble beach is surrounded by pine forests and olive trees, Biokovo Mountain and the clear Adriatic Sea. On the beach of Gornja Vala there are playgrounds for various sports such as beach volleyball, tennis, water slides and jet skis.

One of the most beautiful and attractive nature parks in Croatia is Biokovo Nature Park. Biokovo was declared a park of nature in 1981, and the area of the park covers almost entire mountain of Biokovo which stretches 30 kilometers along the Adriatic coast. High cliffs, impressive altitude and beautiful unspoiled nature are the trademark of Biokovo. Biokovo is especially visited during the summer. Bikovo has many attractive viewpoints, with beautiful views of the nearby islands of Brac, Hvar, Mljet, Vis and Korcula, the Peljesac peninsula and the entire Brac Channel. During sunny weather, when there are not too many clouds, the views from Biokovo can reach neighboring Italy.

The highest peak of the mountain of Biokovo is 1762 meters high Sveti Jure. It is possible to reach the top of Sveti Jure by foot on the hiking trails, or by car over an asphalt road. Along the way, there are several restaurants offering local specialties. For those little bit braver and desirous of adrenaline entertainment, it is possible to arrange a hang gliding from Biokovo and explore its beauty from a different perspective.

Although the first impression when we look at Biokovo is that the mountain is rough, Biokovo has a rich forest vegetation of fir, beech and autochthonous forests of Dalmatian black pine. Biokovo has forty endemic plant species, while a particularly interesting part of the park is botanical garden Korišina. The Botanical Garden of Kotišina is situated in the Biokovo Nature Park on an area of 16.5 hectares. The botanical garden was founded by Dr. Jure Radic with the purpose of conservation and research of the plant world. Even though it is not a classic botanical garden, Kotiština is a fenced part of the nature park where different plants typical for this area grow.

On the mountain of Biokovo, which is part of the Dinaric mountain range, there are numerous karstic forms such as caves, pits and scabs, so it is also attractive for speleologists. Also, there are numerous animal species, endangered and protected, such as goat, gull, wolf, eagle, fox, deer, as well as various reptiles and snakes. If you are planning to visit Makarska Riviera, visit the attractive Biokovo and enjoy nature.

Makarska Riviera is the ideal destination for guests looking for an active vacation. In every tourist resort of Makarska Riviera, you can find sports playgrounds and playgrounds for children such as basketball, tennis, soccer, handball, beach volleyball and other. Hotels also have swimming pools, gyms and fitness centers equipped with modern exercise equipment.

In addition to classical sports, in recent years there is an increasing interest in different types of extreme sports such as hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, zip-line, speleology and trekking. There is also a growing interest in extreme sea sports such as windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, rafting on Cetina or Zrmanja and diving.

One of the most attractive sports is for sure scuba diving. Scuba diving offers a completely different perspective of the exploration of the Adriatic Sea - the discovery of unexplored marine depths. Scuba diving has attracted an increasing number of divers exploring the sunken ships, corals, fish and the underwater world. Dive into the depths of the sea and explore the secrets of the underwater world.

If you are a fan of fishing (either recreational or sport), Makarska Riviera is an ideal destination for you. In order to legally enjoy the charms of sport or recreational fishing, it is necessary to obtain a fishing license that can be purchased and received online, and can be used on the entire fishing area of the Republic of Croatia. In addition to traditional fishing, you can also try Big Game Fishing. All day excursion to hunt large tuna fish is organized from the town of Makarska. A full day excursion includes a fuel-powered boat and professional fishermen. Apart from hunting on Big Game Fishing, you can enjoy the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and islands of Brač and Hvar.

If you decide to spend an active holiday on the beautiful Makarska Riviera, find cheap accommodation in an apartment, holiday home, villa or room in one of the beautiful tourist spots of Makarska Riviera.

Makarska Riviera is situated between Dubrovnik and Split, near the islands of Hvar, Brac, Korcula and the Peljesac peninsula, so it is on an excellent location for trips to destinations either on land or on the sea. From April to October during the tourist season, tourist agencies and operators organize excursions by boat to the island of Brac with the unforgettable visit to the famous beach Zlatni rat in Bol, the sunniest Croatian island - the island of Hvar famous for its history, culture and prime wines, and the island of Korcula, which is the birthplace of one of the most famous sailors - Marco Polo. The town of Korčula is often compared with Dubrovnik because of the beautiful city walls which surround this historical city. Near Makarska Riviera there is another beautiful island perfect for a boat trip - the island of Mljet. Mljet is the greenest Croatian island which is home to one of the most beautiful national parks of Croatia - National Park Mljet. The island of Mljet is also home to two attractive lakes of Veliko Lake and Malo Lake.

Opportunities for day trips by land are even greater, whether you want to go on organized trips by travel agencies or in your own arrangement. North of Makarska Riviera there is another national park worth visiting - Krka National Park. In the national park of Krka you can enjoy the beauties of one of the most beautiful Croatian waterfalls Skradinski buk. Close to NP Krka you can visit a pearl of central Dalmatia, the beautiful town of Sibenik and famous cathedral of St. James which is on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. Šibenik is also known as the basketball city since it is the birthplace of basketball legends Dražen Petrović and Dario Šarić. Apart from the historical town of Trogir is situated between the island of Ciovo and the mainland, be sure to visit Split, the center of Dalmatia with the famous Riva and the Diocletian's Palace from the 3rd century. Day trips are organized to the town of Omiš, the center of Omiš Riviera, famous for Omiš pirates. The town of Omis is located at the mouth of the river Cetina in the immediate vicinity of the impressive canyon of the river Cetina. About 160 km south of Makarska Riviera is Dubrovnik, another pearl listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Dubrovnik is famous for its city walls and the Old Town. It is also possible to visit Imotska Krajina and Imotski which are located in the hinterland of the mountain Biokovo, as well as the neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina and lovely places like Mostar or Medjugorje one of the most famous sanctuaries.

In recent years, Croatia has recognized the importance of the development of new cycling routes and cycle tourism. Whether they are recreational or professional athletes, more and more guests are looking for an active break. Thus, the Bicycle Association of Dalmatia and the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County have launched a joint project to present Makarska Riviera as an attractive cycle tourism destination, which besides beautiful beaches and blue sea offers bike trails for all types of cyclists.

Due to the favorable climate of Makarska Riviera especially in the pre-season and postseason, cycle tourism on Makarska Riviera is possible throughout a year. Currently, there are six bike trails on Makarska Riviera that differ in length, terrain configuration, and difficulty. Longitude of bike trails varies from the shortest bike trail which is 15 km long, to the longest bike trail which is 61 km long.

In any case, whatever bike trail you choose, you will surely be impressed with the beauty of nature and views of the blue Adriatic Sea, beautiful pebble beaches, steep mountain Biokovo, thick pine forest and blue sky. Enjoy the stunning nature of Makarska Riviera from mountain paths for mountain biking to paved paths. On bike trails, you will find many traditional Dalmatian taverns and indigenous restaurants where you can try the best local cuisine specialties.

On Makarska Riviera you can find the following attractive bike trails:

  • 360 Drvenik - Gradac tour - duration is around 2 hours, the path is 28 km long and ascent is 710 m
  • 320 Igrane - Zivogosce tour - duration is around 2 hours, the path is 26 km long and ascent is 612 m
  • 280 Tučepi - Podgora tour - duration is around 2 hours, the path is 28 km long and ascent is 770 m
  • 241 Biokovo tour - duration is around 4 hours, the path is 61 km long (this is the longest bike trail of Makarska Riviera), and ascent is 2262 m
  • 240 Makarska tour - duration is around 1 hour, the path is 15 km long (this is the shortest bike trail of Makarska Riviera), and ascent is 456 m
  • 200 Brela tour - duration is around 3.5 hours, the path is 44 km long, and ascent is 1001 m
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Climate and weather conditions Makarska riviera

Makarska Riviera is a micro-region within the Split-Dalmatia County, extending from the municipality of Brela in the north to Baćina in the south, surrounded by the sea and the mountain massif Biokovo. On Makarska Riviera, the Mediterranean climate prevails and it is characterized by sunny, dry and hot summers and damp and mild winters. Thanks to a large number of sunny hours throughout the year and the high air temperatures, on this area typical evergreen plants such as oak, Aleppo pine, and Dalmatian black pine prevail. Best agricultural crops for this area are figs and olives. The average daily air temperature during the summer months is about 25 ° C while during the winter it falls to an average of 10 ° C. The ideal temperature during the summer months strongly contributes to tourism, the most important economic sector of Makarska Rivera.

The quality and cleanliness of the sea are not only characterized for Makarska Riviera but for the whole Dalmatian coast, primarily due to the poor industrial development. Many beaches of Makarska Riviera bear the blue flag, symbols of cleanliness, quality of service and preserved environment. The average yearly sea temperature on Makarska Riviera is higher than 20 ° C, while during the summer months it ranges from 23 ° C to 27 ° C.

riviera.average-air - Makarska riviera

* average air temperature (°C) during the year in region Makarska riviera

riviera.average-sea - Makarska riviera

* average sea temperature (°C) during the year in region Makarska riviera