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Robinson tourism Croatia

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Numerous new forms of tourism have emerged in the world over the last few years, which are oriented to provide guests with unique and authentic experiences in the places and countries they visit, and one of the new trends is the so-called Robinson tourism! Robinson tourism is a form of tourism intended for all adventurers and tourists who want to experience life away from civilization, in the heart of nature and largely with the limited benefits of modern society.

Robinson accommodation in Croatia can be found in old stone houses in the most remote coves, in uninhabited parts of the island, in wooden cottages in forests, mountains and various nature parks. This type of accommodation and vacations leaves a deep impression of the pristine and untouched wilderness. If you want absolute peace and quiet and a stay in nature, Robinson accommodation and Robinson style vacation is a real adventure that awaits you in Croatia!

Robinson tourism implies accommodation that is most often without water or electricity and utilities are available in very limited quantities. In most cases rainwater is collected in well and electricity is provided by solar panels. The scarce resources have to be spent very carefully and rationally. There is usually no warm water in the house, as well as many other benefits of today's life that we all get accustomed to. This is why more and more guests are deciding on this type of vacation as a kind of challenge. Buying all the necessary food is necessary before coming to such accommodation, as the nearest stores are often quite distant and difficult to access. Whether you want to be completely excluded from everyday life during your vacation or just to try a summer adventure surrounded by nature and wildlife, Robinson accommodation will be a great choice. The escape from civilization, stress, work, city, crowds, smog with a certain dose of adventure seems to be the best vacation.

Robinson tourism was named after the hero from the novel by Daniel Defoe. In 1719, he published the adventurous novel Robinson Crusoe, which became a hit back then and is still hit among today's audience. Robinson Crusoe spent 28 years on a remote tropical island after a shipwreck, experiencing numerous adventures before his final liberation. He served as an inspiration for this form of tourism where the emphasis is on a lifestyle with limited resources.

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