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Omiš Riviera, located in the very center of Dalmatia, extends 30 kilometers between Split and another attractive Riviera - Makarska Riviera. Omiš Riviera starts in Podstrana in the north and it ends in the small fishing village of Piska in the south. Omiš Riviera is rich in numerous attractive pebble beaches and attractive views of the blue sea, the Brač Channel and the nearby islands of Brač and Šolta. Because of the immediate vicinity of cities like Split and Makarska and the nearby islands, Omiš Riviera is the ideal starting point for one-day excursions by boat or land. Omiš Riviera is situated at the foot of the attractive 1339 meters high mountain of Mosor with its highest peak of Veliki Kabal. Due to its rich history, numerous pebble beaches, pristine nature and blue Adriatic Sea, many visitors consider Omiš Riviera one of the most attractive part of the Croatian coast. Apart from the pirate city of Omiš, the center of the Riviera which is located at the mouth of Cetina River, Omiš Riviera also includes Podstrana, Jesenice, Dugi Rat, Duće, Nemira, Stanići, Čelina, Lokva Rogoznica, Mimice, Marušići and Pisak.

The area of Omiš Riviera has been inhabited from more than 2000 years ago, while the climax of Omiš area was in the 12th and 13th centuries. At that time the famous Omiš pirates dominated in the sea, and all the ships that sailed near Omiš were forced to pay for sailing. From the 15th century to the beginning of the 19th century when the breakdown of the Venetian Republic occurred, the city of Omiš was the center of Omiš Riviera. During that period of time, the city walls, which can still be found, were constructed and built.

The rich pirate history of Omiš is presented at every corner of the city and at any time of the year when visi...

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...ting Omiš. However, if you visit Omiš in August, you will have the opportunity to experience how Omiš pirates lived more than 600 years ago. Every year on August 18th, a simulation of the pirate battle from the 13th century is organized. The pirate battle simulates clash between Omiš pirates and Venetians with swords and cubes. The naval battle takes place in the main harbor of Omiš. Every year this unique spectacle attracts over 10,000 enthusiastic visitors. In addition to battles with swords and cubes, the highlight of the show is the collision of two sailboats.

One of the trademarks of Omiš Riviera is numerous bays and beaches surrounded by thick pine forests and crystal clear sea. Almost all beaches are suitable for families with children. The most attractive and beautiful beaches of Omiš Riviera include Dugi Rat, Glavica, Golubnik, Luka, Rogac and Vavlje in Duće, the central beach Velika beach in Omiš, sandy beaches Slavinj and Brzet near Omiš, Mala Luka beach in the bay between Nemira and Stanic, and the nudist (FKK) beach Ruskamen near Lokve Rogoznica.

Near the city of Omiš is the impressive canyon of the river Cetina which flows into the Adriatic Sea. Beside the Cetina River, there are numerous medieval fortresses with beautiful views of the river Cetina and its impressive canyon. The most famous fortresses are the Sinj fortress Stari grad, Mirabela (Peovica), Fortica (Starigrad) and the fortress Visuć. On Cetina, there is a well-known excursion site of Radman's mills ("Radmanove mlinice"), where you can taste various Dalmatian cuisine specialties such as lamb, veal, frog legs and eel. On the canyon of the river Cetina, you can try rafting, zipline, kayaking and enjoying the enchanting beauty of one of the most beautiful canyons in Croatia.

Pebbly beaches, crystal sea, pine forest and remarkable Cetina River Canyon guarantee dream holidays. Accommodation on Omiš Riviera can be found in an apartment with sea view, holiday home with swimming pool or chic room. Whether you are looking for affordable accommodation in one of the apartments, holiday homes or villas, contact the owners directly and book our accommodation without paying high fees. Our offer includes holiday homes, villas, apartments and rooms at the best prices. Enjoy the magic of Omiš Riviera!

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Cetina canyon - Omiš
Cetina canyon - Omiš


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Omiš Riviera in central Dalmatia is the ideal location for lovers of attractive pebbly and sandy beaches. Omiš Riviera is characterized by the beautiful beaches and coves that stretch along the entire Riviera of which almost all are ideal for small children. Beaches are surrounded by delightful green pine and crystal clear turquoise Adriatic sea. From Podstrana to Pisak you can find numerous attractive pebble and sand beaches and coves in places like Dugi Rat, Duce, Nemire, Omiš and others. Below you can find a list of some of the most beautiful beaches of Omiš Riviera.

Dugi Rat municipality is located north of Omiš and is very popular because of its attractive pebble beach Dugi Rat which is ideal for families with children. The beach has all the necessary infrastructure for a pleasant family vacation. Walk along Dugi Rat Beach and enjoy in one of the many restaurants and bars located in the vicinity of the beach.

Attractive sandy beaches stretch a few kilometers to the south of Dugi Rat, all the way to the mouth of the Cetina River, and are ideal for a perfect vacation. Duće has several beautiful beaches such as Glavica beach, Golubnik beach, Luka beach, Rogač beach and Vavlje beach, and almost every beach is surrounded by pristine nature. Accommodation can be found in small coastal towns in one of the many apartments, villas or holiday homes.

Surely the most popular beach in the vicinity of the town of Omiš is 700 meters long sandy beach Velika beach or the central beach which is located in the center of Omiš. Velika beach offers numerous opportunities for all visitors - it has showers, sanitary facilities, parasols and sunbeds for all-day rental, sports grounds such as beach volleyball court, football, and numerous adrenaline sports such as jet skiing and windsurfing. This beautiful sandy beach surrounded by pine trees and tamaris also has a rich gastronomic offer, and it is ideal for families with small children. There is a public parking area next to the beach and therefore it is accessible by car.

Surrounded by attractive green pines and tamaris trees that provide natural shade, the pebble beach Slavinj is just 10 minutes walk from Omiš, close to the Carmel Convent. Although located near the Adriatic main road ("Jadranska magistrala"), the beach offers visitors a quiet holiday in nature and clean sea air. Near the beach, there are several restaurants and bars where you can refresh with your favorite drink. In addition, you can rent parasols and sunbeds. Since there is no public parking nearby, we recommend that you reach the beach on foot.

Next to the beach Slavinj more to the south, there is another attractive beach - Brzet Beach. The exceptionally attractive beach Brzet is certainly one of the most famous beaches in Omiš Riviera and it is ideal for families with children. The pebble beach is surrounded by pine trees that provide natural shade, and besides the parking lot which is close to the beach, it is also possible to rent sunbeds and sunshades. There are also a few bars and restaurants on Brzet beach. What makes this beach ideal is a wonderful environment of dense green pines, an attractive sea view of the island of Brac, the town of Omiš and the most romantic sunset.

South of Omiš, between the tourist town of Nemir and Stanić, is one of the most attractive coves of Omiš Riviera - Mala Luka. Mala Luka beach offers you everything you need for a perfect vacation. Natural shade of dense pine and tamarisk trees, beautiful untouched nature, crystal clear sea and attractive views of the sea and nearby islands. There are restaurants and cafés along the beach of Mala Luka, and it is accessible by car.

Close to Lokva Rogoznica, there is another beautiful pebble beach - Ruskamen beach. Surrounded by dense pine forests, Ruskamen beach is ideal for guests wanting to escape from crowds. Part of the beach is reserved for nudists who can relax on the nudist beach (FKK) Ruskamen.

One of the most recognizable parts of Omiš Riviera is certainly the impressive canyon of the Cetina River, which in the mid-1960s got the status of a protected natural landscape. Remarkable nature is one of the trademarks of the river Cetina, whose flow is 105 km long. The Cetina River springs on the slopes of the mountain of  Dinara near the village of Cetina. The source of the river is more than 100 meters deep Lake of Glavaševo. Extremely attractive Lake of Glavaševo is a heart-shaped spring and it is surrounded by Dalmatian karst and steep cliffs. Glavaševo lake (Glavaševo vrelo) of light-colored colors is visited by divers who, in search of adrenaline experiences, descend into the dark depths of the lake. Close to the Cetina spring, there is a church of St. Spas from the 9th century. The church has a preserved tower and it is the oldest old-Croatia church in Croatia. Rijeka Cetina flows into the Adriatic Sea in the town of Omiš.

As this area was inhabited for more than 2000 years, along with the flow of the river Cetina, there are many ancient and medieval fortresses from which you can find beautiful views of the river Cetina and impressive canyon. The most famous forts are Glavas, Prozor, Travnik, Sinj fortress Stari Grad, Čačvina, Nutjak, Zadvarje, Kunjak, Mirabela (Peovica) and Fortica (Starigrad), and the most famous fortress Visuć.

On the river Cetina, we recommend visiting the well-known excursion place Radman's mills ("Radmanove mlinice"), which for decades attract numerous tourists. In the 16th century, the mill was built on the river Cetina and for many years had been used for the production of flour, while today it is an attraction for many visitors. Due to the untouched nature surrounding Radman's mills, the site was used as a film set for filming the movie about the Indian chief called Winnetou. In Radman's mills, you can try some of the finest Dalmatian cuisine specialties including fish specialties, lamb, veal, frog and eel.

Cetina canyon offers many opportunities for active recreation such as rafting, zip line, kayaking, walks along the river Cetina or excursion boat ride. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of one of the most beautiful canyons in Croatia.

Omiš Riviera is the perfect destination for visitors looking for an active vacation. In almost every place of Omiš Riviera, you can find some sort of sports grounds either for children or for adults, such as playgrounds for basketball, football, tennis, handball or beach volleyball. Hotels often offer indoor and outdoor swimming pools as well as gyms equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

If you are looking for adrenaline sports, then Omiš Riviera is an ideal place for you. First of all, you can go to the zip line above the canyon of the Cetina River. Zipline has enriched the tourist offer of Omiš in a few years back. Zipline adventure takes about 3 hours, and it offers unique experience and views of the spectacular Cetina River canyon. For guests looking for fun on the water, on the river Cetina, you can enjoy attractive rafting or canoeing. Of other sports, very famous among visitors are hiking in Mosor or Omiš Dinara, rock climbing, trekking and mountain biking. Furthermore, water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, sports, and recreational fishing are a guarantee of fun.

In recent years, there is growing interest in scuba diving that offers a different experience of exploring the Adriatic sea. Scuba diving in Omiš offers everything you can imagine - depth, fish and underwater world and a sinking ship from World War II. Since the Omiš pirates had been leading numerous battles close to Omiš Riviera, you should not exclude the possibility of a finding of the forgotten pirate treasure.

On Omiš Riviera, there are several very attractive bike trails that vary by duration, length and ascent. The largest number of cyclists choose about 6 kilometers long path through the attractive canyon of Cetina,  which stretches from Omiš to Radman's mills. For professional cyclists, we recommend a 60-kilometer long route that goes from Omiš, and via Radman's mills, Kučići, Zadvarje, Šestanovac, Blato, Gata ends in Omiš. Whatever bike trail you choose, for sure you will enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Cetina canyon, drive along the clear blue sea, numerous pebble beaches, Mount Mosor, and Omiš Dinara mountain. Along the bike trails, you will find authentic Dalmatian taverns and restaurants where you can try the specialties of traditional Dalmatian cuisine.

After numerous activities over the day, relax on beautiful Omiš Riviera in one of the many apartments, holiday homes, villas or rooms.

Omiš Riviera is located almost on an ideal location for daily excursions, between Split on the north and Makarska Riviera on the south, and near the island of Brač. During the tourist season, travel agencies organize excursions by boat to the island of Brac and Zlatni rat beach in Bol, the center of culture and history - the island of Hvar, the island of Korcula where famous sailor Marco Polo was born, and the greenest Croatian island - the island of Mljet. On the island of Mljet, apart from Veliko lake and Malo lake, there is one of the most beautiful and attractive national parks in Croatia - the National Park Mljet.

North of Omiš Riviera is another attractive national park - Krka national park, a home of one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Croatia - Skradinski buk. Near Krka is the historical town of Šibenik, where St. James's Cathedral is located, one of the pearls listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Apart from the magical Split which attracts visitors to explore Split's famous Diocletian's palace dating back to the 3rd century, it is also worth visiting Trogir, the home of the beautiful St. Lovre cathedral, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

South of Omiš Riviera, there is another pearl of the Adriatic - Makarska Riviera which is also home to numerous attractive pebble and sand beaches. About 200 km south of Omiš Riviera is the city of Dubrovnik, a pearl and museum, which can be also found on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Dubrovnik is certainly the most recognizable pearl of Croatian tourism, and it is widely known for its old town and old city walls. Not far from Omiš Riviera, in the inner part, visit Imotska Krajina and the town of Imotski. In the vicinity, it is also possible to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, the city of Mostar and Medjugorje one of the most famous Catholic sanctuaries in the world.

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Climate and weather conditions Omiš riviera

Omiš Riviera is a micro-region located in the Split-Dalmata County and extends from Podstrana municipality in the north to Piska in the south, surrounded by the blue Adriatic sea, thick pine trees and the mountains of Mosor and Omiš Dinara. Because of the location of Omiš Riviera, in this area prevails Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers dominated by a large number of sunny days and mild and humid winters. Because of many sunny days and relatively high temperatures on Omiš Riviera, evergreen plants such as Aleppo pine, oak, and Dalmatian black pine grow. Also, weather conditions are ideal for olives and figs.

The daily average air temperature during summer is about 25 ° C, and in winter about 8 ° C. The ideal temperature during the summer helps the tourism which is the most important economic sector of this micro-region. Temperature is ideal especially in Omiš during the summer months when, due to the fresh air coming from the Cetina river canyon, the air temperature is slightly lower than in other surrounding places.

The high cleanliness of the sea is not characteristic specific only to Omiš Riviera, but also to the entire Adriatic. The average annual sea temperature on Omiš Riviera is 17 ° C, while during the summer months it is about 23 ° C.

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* average air temperature (°C) during the year in region Omiš riviera

riviera.average-sea - Omiš riviera

* average sea temperature (°C) during the year in region Omiš riviera