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Omiš is a city and port in the Dalmatia in Croatia, which is located about 25 km southeast of Split at the mouth of the emerald green river Cetina to Adriatic sea. Omiš is a well-known center of Omiš riviera, which stretches twenty kilometers along the Adriatic coast with exceptional natural beauty, numerous gravel and sand beaches, bays, steep cliffs, and crystal clear waters. About this exceptional beauty perhaps best illustrated by the inscription on the lintel of a Renaissance palace in the center of Omiš, where it is written Thank You, Lord, that I have lived on this earth. Besides enjoying the sun and sea on its numerous sandy beaches, Omiš offers its guests countless other activities such as the zipline in the Cetina canyon, hiking, rafting, kayaking and canoeing on the river Cetina, diving and windsurfing. One of the most popular attractions is Radman's mill and waterfalls Gubavica 50 meters high (Large and Small Gubavica). Radman's mill is located five kilometers inside the canyon of the Cetina river and is the most visi...


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...ted vacation area, famous for its culinary delights such as baked bread, soparnik or fresh trout. Accommodation in Omiš is not a problem to find because most of its inhabitants as additional work deals with renting apartments and rooms. Book your ideal apartment, room or holiday home and feel like at your own home with unquestionable kindness and hospitality of your hosts in Omiš. Apartments and private accommodation in Omiš cheaper up to 40% without expensive agency fees. Welcome to Omiš!

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Cetina canyon
Cetina canyon