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Postira is a small Dalmatian town and municipality on the island of Brač, in Split-Dalmatia County, in Croatia. It is located on the northern coast of the island Brač, eight kilometers from the main island port Supetar. Many archaeological sites bear witness to the long history of Postira, and for example, under the parish church of Saint John, the Baptist has discovered the remains of an early Christian basilica from the 6th century. The population of Postira are traditionally engaged in fishing, agriculture and more recently in tourism. Local products are noted for their high quality especially olive oil and wine. Tourist offer in Postira is based on accommodation in 3 hotels, boarding houses, and numerous apartments in private houses ideal for a quiet family holiday. In the area around the town, there are several smaller bays with sandy, rocky and pebble beaches surrounded by pine trees. Lovrečina is one of the most beautiful sandy oasis on the entire island Brač. Besides the sun, beautiful beaches and clear sea Postira offers ...

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...its guests, sports and recreational activities, organized trips to village Dol and other attractions on the island, and entertainment events in the cultural Postira summer. Visit Postira on the island Brač and find cheap apartments and rooms in the private accommodation and feel the atmosphere of a small Dalmatian island town and the kindness of its people. Welcome to Postira on the island Brač!