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Supetar is a town and tourist center on the northern side of the island Brač in the bay of Saint Peter from which it got its name, in the Split-Dalmatia County, in Croatia. With a population of 3,326, it is the largest and fastest-growing city with dozens of apartments in private houses that are being built every year. Supetar is connected with ferry line to city of Split, the administrative, cultural and transport center of Dalmatia, and the ride takes only 45 minutes. Supetar was founded in the 16th century when the inhabitants of Nerezisca distant about 8 km began using it as its port. The most important period of development took place during the 18th and 19th centuries when Supetar took over from Nerežišća role of the administrative center of the island. Tourism developed in the mid-20th century and since then the population of Supetar is constantly working on improving the quality of accommodation in private apartments and villas. In its rich tourist offer stands out countless beaches and coves in the area, various restauran...

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...ts, entertainment as well as sports and recreation. During summer months every day are organized daily trips to nearby islands of Hvar and Vis, while the nearby city of Split allows you to explore the rich and glorious history of this Dalmatian city. Search for an ideal apartment, room or holiday home in Supetar. Contact directly owners of private accommodation and save up to 40% on expensive agency fees. Welcome to Supetar on island Brač!