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Zaostrog is a tourist town in the municipality of Gradac on the Adriatic sea in southern Dalmatia in Croatia. It consists of two parts, the older part located below the steep and massive limestone cliffs of mountain Biokovo and the newer part located along the Adriatic coast. The old Franciscan Monastery of Saint Mary dominates the area for more than five centuries. Inside the monastery are an open museum, ethnological collection, a gallery and a large library with over 30,000 titles. After the earthquake in 1962, the inhabitants of Zaostrog moved from the old village on the slopes of Biokovo mountain to the new Zaostrog along the coast. After they moved residents start to work in tourism. Along the beautiful pebble beach, there are numerous old stone and new, modern houses and apartments in private family homes. Zaostrog today has about 350 permanent inhabitants. It quickly became one of the favorite tourist destinations, primarily because of the sandy and pebble beaches, nice promenade and pine alley, lot of restaurants and tourist ...


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