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Bibinje is a tourist town in Zadar county, in Croatia. It is situated about 8 km southeast of the historic city of Zadar, where the promenade and numerous beaches stretch along four kilometers of coastline along the Adriatic road. It is home to nearly 4,000 residents, and the name of Bibano/Bibanium dates back to the 11th century, as evidenced by a long history of settlement in this area. Tourism, as well as in other Dalmatian coastal towns arises and develops from the mid-20th century. With no large hotels, all guests and visitors have access to more than 2,500 beds in rooms and apartments within a private family accommodation. With diverse accommodation, there is a handful of private camps, most of which are located just a few meters from the sea. Bibinje is also known nautical center, thanks to the biggest marina on the Adriatic, Marina Dalmacija, which is located partly in Bibinje, and partly in Sukušan. The church of St. John the Baptist has an interesting collection of sacred objects from the 15th century and the local museum h...


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...olds a valuable ethnographic collection worth seeing and visiting. Beaches, as the biggest attraction of Bibinje, stretch several kilometers starting from Zadar all the way to marina Dalmacija and Sukošan. The beaches are mostly pebbles and the sea is very clean which is an ideal combination for a perfect vacation for families with children. In Bibinje there are numerous bars, restaurants, and taverns where you can feel the true spirit of Dalmatia and taste a variety of local delicacies such as lamb on a spit or fresh fish with domestic olive oil and wine. Visit Bibinje book your ideal apartment or room and enjoy plenty of sunshine, swimming on its long pebbles beaches and walks along the coast. Private accommodation in Bibinje. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Bibinje. Welcome to Bibinje!