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Molat is an island in the northern part of Zadar archipelago. It stretches from the northwest to the southeast and is located between the island of Ist in the north and Dugi Otok to the south. Its area is 22 km2 and it has about 220 permanent residents in three villages: Molat, Brgulje, and Zapuntel. It was named after the Latin word Melatus which means honey. The island was once covered with evergreen holm oak forests but now is dominated by predominantly low maquis. Molat is inhabited since prehistoric times, as testified by finding in Ledenice at Zapuntel port, where was found flint objects from that era. In the Middle Ages, the owners of Molat were Zadar and Venetian nobles who were harvesting rich forests of holm oak, which almost devastated the island. On the southeast of the island lies the picturesque tourist and fishing village of Molat, which is also the largest settlement of the island. In Molat there are two shops, a bakery, a museum, several restaurants, and a playground. Not far from place is beach Jazi, which is the mos...


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