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Only 38 kilometers east of the Croatian capital Zagreb, along the Lonja river lies the small and charming Ivanic Grad. According to the last census Ivanic Grad was inhabited by 14,700 people. It was first mentioned in the 13th century and until the 18th century was a very important fortress that defended the freedom of Croatia during the great Turkish conquest. Today Ivanic Grad lives of oil and gas, agriculture, animal husbandry, chemical and metal industry. In recent time tourism is developing. Known for its health resort Naftalan and preserved nature it is popular weekend destination. Worth seeing are many rural households and areas, rich historical and cultural heritage and monuments. Accommodation in Ivanic Grad can be found at very affordable prices, and many rural households beside great food also provide accommodation services. Private accommodation Ivanic Grad. Welcome!...

Ivanić Grad

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