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Velika Gorica - heart of Turopolje. It is the largest city and also the economic, cultural and transportation center of the Zagreb County. It is located just 16 km south of Zagreb near Zagreb airport. There are many reasons why you should visit Velika Gorica and Turopolje. For example during Turopolje Carnival, Legendfest or VG fest to relax, have fun and enjoy in the superb cuisine in the restaurants and the numerous beer gardens. Velika Gorica is characterized by a well-kept parks, squares and playgrounds, as well as the city of a friend of children, youth and sports. It is worth to visit the Natural Sciences Museum in the center of Velika Gorica, archaeological park Andautonija, old town Lukavec and many resorts in the area. Turopolje is famous region for its natural resources, abundance of flora and fauna and forests and old oak wooden houses whose architecture is worth seeing. Find your ideal apartment or private accommodation whether you want to stay near the airport or want to learn more about this interesting region. Apartment...

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