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Petrinja is a small town situated on the right bank of the river Kupa, 13 km southwest of Sisak and about 48 km southeast of Zagreb. It is the largest town in the Banovina area with a total population of 25,000 and it is an integral part of Sisak-Moslavina County. The strategic position of Petrinja was the cause of constant struggle through the long history of Banovina. In 1240, old medieval Petrinja was declared as a free royal city, which was confirmed later by king Bela IV. In the 16th century, Petrinja changed its original location at the foot of Zrinska gore to its present location on a fertile plain along the river Kupa. The Banovina area mostly covers the hilly slopes of the Zrinska hills and the Hrastovačka hills and smaller plain estates, along the river Kupa and Petrinjčica. Petrinja and surroundings offer many activities for relaxation and recreation such as walks on numerous promenades, hiking, and cycling trails. This way you can learn about the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the city and the surrounding v...


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...illages located on the edge of the historic Banovina. Hrastovačka hills offer numerous marked hiking trails and all the paths lead to the highest peak of Cepeliš, where there are a mountain hut and a viewpoint at a height of 415 m. The well-known Petrinja promenade - a recreationally-pedestrian, circular walking path, 6.5 km long, starts upstream from the bridge on Petrinjčica. The particularly attractive area of the promenade is beautiful old trees. There are four cycling routes which are very pleasant and suitable for recreation in the area of Petrinja. Hunting tourism has been developed due to its rich forests and wildlife. Accommodation in Petrinja can be found in apartments, rooms and holiday houses as part of private family accommodation. In this way, you can get to know friendly hosts who will be happy to help you spend a pleasant and carefree holiday in this part of Croatia. Welcome to Petrinja!

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