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Marija Bistrica is a small town and municipality in Krapina - Zagorje county in Croatia. It is situated at the foot of the northern slopes of Medvednica, 30 kilometers north of Zagreb. It is named after the creek that runs through the town. It was first mentioned in the 13th century, and the parish church in the 14th century when it was dedicated to St. Peter and Paul. In the 18th century, Bishop Juraj Branjug dedicated the newly decorated church to Our Lady of the Snow, and since then the shrine and a place are called Marija Bistrica. Shrine of Mary, is today one of the most popular and most visited Marian shrines in Croatia. The center of the sanctuary is a statue of Mary, which dates from the 15th century. The fire that broke out in the church in the 19th century damaged the whole church, but the main altar with a statue of Mary remained completely undamaged. After that miracle, began many pilgrimages to this little place in Zagorje and sanctuary. In Marija Bistrica, there is a long tradition of ginger and interesting ethnological ...

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...collection of gingerbread crafts. Nearby there are many bike trails and hiking routes to the top of the Medvednica mountain. You can find accommodation in a hotel and a number of rooms and apartments within a private family accommodation. The gastronomic offer of this region is colorful and varied, and here you can taste the traditional Zagorje food with a glass of quality wine. We invite you to visit Marija Bistrica and its surroundings, ideal weekend destination for relaxation of mind and body. Search for cheap private accommodation in Marija Bistrica. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Marija Bistrica and surroundings. Welcome to Marija Bistrica!