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Pregrada is a small town located in the westernmost part of Hrvatsko Zagorje, between the river Sutla and Macelj mountains and near the border with Slovenia. Pregrada is located in the beautiful valley of the river Kosteljina below the Kunagora massif, whose highest peak is at 522 meters above sea level. It was first mentioned in the 14th century in the statutes of the Primate's Chapter of Zagreb. Since the middle of the 19th century, Pregrada has taken over the role of the main central settlement of the surrounding area, ie it is the center of the municipality and has become a strong craft center on the once important Zagreb-Vienna traffic route. Today, Pregrada has about 7,000 inhabitants who are mainly engaged in crafts, production, and services. Among the service activities, tourism stands out due to numerous facilities and tourist attractions such as the first wine road in Croatia, the mountain lodge on Kunagora, elite tourism in Bežanec Castle, and numerous sacral buildings, the most important of which is the parish church of t...


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...he Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. During the year, numerous cultural and tourist events are held here. Apart from the hotel in the Bežanec castle, you can find accommodation in apartments and holiday homes, and farms as part of private family accommodation. We invite you to visit this beautiful hilly part of Croatia where you will enjoy the peace and clean air, as well as numerous activities and an interesting and rich gastronomic offer.

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