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Čakovec is a city and seat of Međimurje county in Croatia. It is located in the northernmost part of continental Croatia, between the rivers Mura and the Drava and has a population of 15000 inhabitants. Its name comes from the count Chakyja, who in the early 13th century built a wooden fortress later called Csaky's tower. Time of significant economic and cultural development of the city began in the 16th century when the Croatian noble family Zrinski became the owner of the entire area. 29 May 1579. count Juraj Zrinski granted the special privileges to inhabitants of the Čakovec fortress, which is the basis for the development of Čakovec as a free trade city and the date is still celebrated as the Day of the City of Čakovec. Thanks to the contributions and efforts of the Counts Zrinski, Čakovec is also called the City of the Zrinski. At the center of Čakovec is located Stari Grad, then and now a symbol of the historical landmark of the city. Another important historical monument is the Franciscan church and monastery from the f...


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...irst half of the 18th century built in the Baroque style. It is worth to visit and see numerous exhibits in the Museum of Čakovec. Međimurje is known for its rolling hills and vineyards, agriculture and hunting grounds. All gourmets will surely enjoy when they try some of the local specialties such as battered soups, stews or Međimuje strudels, and all this with a glass of fine wine from Međimurje basements. We invite you to visit Međimurje and Čakovec and to enjoy in this idyllic region where merge many European influences. Search for private accommodation in Čakovec. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Čakovec, cheaper up to 40% without high agency fees. Welcome to Čakovec!

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