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Koprivnica is a city and seat of the Koprivnica-Križevci county in Croatia. It is situated in the northwest of Continental Croatia, between the slopes of low mountains of Bilogora and Kalnik and the Drava river. From the city of Zagreb is about 85 kilometers away. Through the city passes a small creek, from which Koprivnica got its name. The first time the city was mentioned in the 13th century and in the 14th century, it became a free royal town. During the Turkish conquest became the center of Vojna Krajina's office, and after passing of Turkish threat in the late 17th century, experienced rapid economic and cultural prosperity. Today it is a modern city with about 30,000 inhabitants, and the main activities are farming, livestock breeding, food, pharmaceutical, and wood and paper industries. Tourism is slowly developing thanks to the well-preserved baroque center of the city, and plenty of cultural and entertainment events. You can find accommodation in cheap apartments and rooms in private homes. For tourists and visitors will ce...


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...rtainly be the most attractive center of the old town, today's Zrinski, Florijanski, and Jelačić square, where there are old one-story house in Baroque and Art Nouveau style. Gentle hills in the vicinity of Koprivnica rich with vineyards and orchards, the Drava river and its tributaries and lakes hide much interesting and engaging content. Koprivnica is regarded as the gastronomic center of the continental Croatia, with the well-known company Podravka, the Museum of nutrition and many top restaurants. Contact directly owners of apartments and rooms in Koprivnica and save up to 40%. Search for affordable accommodation in Koprivnica and the surrounding area. Welcome to Koprivnica!

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