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Đurđevac is a small town located in northeastern Croatia in Koprivnica-Križevci County with a population of about 8,000. It is the center of this part of Podravina, ie the Podravina lowland between two natural-geographical units; the northern slopes of Bilogora mountain and the Drava river. Today's Old Town Đurđevac was built in the middle of a swamp on a high sand mound surrounded by wet meadows. The old town dates back to the 15th century. It is one of the oldest and most famous preserved lowland fortifications in the area between the Sava and the Drava rivers. It houses 4 galleries, the most important of which is the gallery of Ivan Lacković Croata. The Old Town is also associated with a well-known legend from the 16th century, when fierce battles were fought in this area with the Ottomans. In one of their campaigns, the Ottomans besieged the fort for a long time, waiting for the defenders to run out of food in anticipation of their surrender. However, the defenders fired the last rooster (Picok) they had from the cannon, and...


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... the Turks became frightened and gave up the siege, thinking that the defenders could withstand the siege for a long time. The old town of Đurđevac has never been conquered, and thanks to this legend, every year one of the oldest events in Croatia is held here - Picokijada. Apart from the Old Town, the biggest tourist attraction of Đurđevac is certainly Đurđevac Sands (Croatian Sahara), which are actually the remnants of the only Croatian desert which is geographical-botanical reserve. It is located in the eastern part of the city next to the Old Town, and in addition to the unique flora and fauna, and the remains of sand dunes, here are also camels that are located in a desert environment. Accommodation in this area can be found in two hotels and in many apartments, holiday homes, rooms, rural households as part of private accommodation. We recommend visiting rural households or small family farms where, in addition to spending the night, you can get to know the tradition and culture of this area and try delicious local specialties. Welcome to Đurđevac, an idyllic place that will captivate you with its cultural, historical and natural attractions.

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