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Bjelovar is a city and the center of Bjelovar county in Croatia. It is located on a large plateau on the southern slopes of Bilogora in northwestern Croatia. It is economical, cultural and political center of the region in which lives 50000 residents. It is one of the youngest cities in Croatia, formed in 1756, by the decision of the Austro-Hungarian Empress Maria Theresa. One of the interesting things is that was built as a training ground and has a proper square structure street in the city center. From historic sites, we recommend visiting the baroque Cathedral of St. Teresa of Avila, built-in 18th century, the largest stone pavilion in Europe in the central park and city museum. Because of the very fertile land and forests rich hills of Bilogora, the population is mainly engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, and forestry. Here is a long tradition of milk and cheese production, so Bjelovar is sometimes referred to as the city of cheese. Some of the most popular cheeses that are produced here are Bilogorac, Podravac, Dimsi... In ...


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...the town you can find accommodation in well-equipped rooms and apartments in the family houses and in the surrounding area you can find accommodation on farms, that offer very interesting rural tourism and healthy food. In Bjelovar are organized interesting cultural and entertainment events such as the Bjelovar Fair, Teresiana, BOK fest, Doku-art, and others. The gastronomic offer of this region is rich and very varied and you will enjoy very tasty and healthy food. We invite you to visit Bjelovar and idyllic slopes of Bilogora and to relax in the lush greenery and fresh air of this region. Search for private accommodation in Bjelovar and the surrounding area. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Bjelovar and surroundings. Welcome to Bjelovar!

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