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Nin is a small town and the center of the eponymous municipality in the county of Zadar in Croatia. It is situated in a deep natural lagoon, 17 kilometers northeast of the city of Zadar, surrounded by sandy beaches and the famous Nin salt-pan. In the town of Nin lives only 1200 inhabitants, but in the whole municipality, almost 3,000 inhabitants. The historic center of the old town is located on the island only 500 meters in diameter big and connected to the mainland by two stone bridges from the 16th century. The city on the island has developed nearly 3000 years ago and is one of the oldest cities on the east Adriatic coast. The ancient Romans had here maritime and trading center named Aenona, which later in the Middle Ages developed into Nona. The rich archaeological findings prove strong sea links with the old Greek civilization. Croats inhabited this area in the 7th century and is historically important as a center of medieval Christian diocese and the seat of the Dukes of Dalmatia. Probably the most famous resident of Nin was Bi...


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YouTube video Grgur Ninski, which was an important ecclesiastical figure of Dalmatia in the 10th century. The preserved nature, pleasant Mediterranean climate, and friendly hosts made this town very enjoyable for holidays, and very interesting because of its rich historical heritage. Accommodation in Nin is available in rooms and apartments within the private family houses, and hosts will do everything to make your holiday unforgettable. One of the biggest attractions in Nin is peloid - medicinal mud, which is located in the middle of a lagoon near the longest sandy beaches in Croatia - Kraljičina beach. The medicinal mud is located in a natural oasis of shallow and long sandy shores, far from any human impact on nature. Even the ancient Romans recognized the beneficial efficacy of the mud on human health and is still used today in the treatment of many health problems. In Nin surroundings, there are hundreds of kilometers of bike trails that will provide an opportunity for a healthy active holiday in preserved nature. Among the other sports, you can try horseback riding, windsurfing, paragliding, and scuba diving. Near Nin is the island of Vir, which you can visit by car because it is connected by bridge to the mainland. You can also visit famous alpine paradise, Paklenica canyon which is a must destination for all nature lovers. In short, Nin and its surroundings are ideal for both active vacation and relaxation on the kilometer-long beaches. Search for private affordable accommodation in Nin, near Zadar. Apartment, rooms and holiday homes in Nin. Welcome to Nin!