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Pag - Povljana

Povljana is a small tourist town and municipality in the County of Zadar, Croatia. It is situated in a beautiful bay on the southern part of the island Pag, which is full of karst rocks and fertile island fields. From the historical city of Zadar is 50 kilometers away. The Island of Pag is connected to the mainland by the Pag bridge, so arriving at Povljana is not a problem. The bay provides protection from strong northern and southern winds and offers refuge for all boaters, and swimmers on its beaches. Thanks to the abundance of water and very fertile land, this was a largely agricultural area in the past, and to this day remains a lot of vineyards that produce superb local wine. Name of Povljane originated from Pauliniana, the Roman name Paulus. This area was inhabited since prehistoric times, ancient Liburnians and Romans left very clear traces. In addition to agriculture and fisheries, locals from the middle of the last century are intensively engaged in tourism and are offering service of private accommodation in apartments and...

Pag - Povljana

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... rooms inside their homes. The village has several beautiful beaches (Povljana and Mali Dubrovnik) where you can relax on a warm sun and in a clear blue sea. Not far from Povljana is peloid - medicinal mud Segal, therefore is comparatively developed health tourism. In the hinterland of Povljana, there is ornithological reserve Velo and Malo Blato, which has many bird species, including the endangered ones. Nearby, there are many cycling and hiking trails for those who want a little more active vacation. Specialties of the island, lamb, its famous cheese and wine can be tasted in one of the local taverns and restaurants. We invite you to come and visit Povljana and the island of Pag, so you can spend an unforgettable vacation that will remain in the fond memories. Private accommodation in Povljana. Apartments, rooms, and holiday homes cheaper up to 40%, without high agency fees. Welcome to Povljana!