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Pag is the town and tourist center of the island Pag in the Zadar County in Croatia. It is the largest town of the island Pag and it has a population of more than 3,000 inhabitants. It is situated in a deep natural bay protected from strong winds in the central part of the island. The island of Pag is here rocky and barren because of strong winds that blow from the mighty Velebit mountain. All this is, what gives it a special charm and magic. Often it is called moon island, because of the surface that provides an unusual landscape of bare rock with many different forms that only nature can create. Probably the most important event in the history of the town of Pag is getting a charter of King Bela IV which was donated to the town of Pag status of a free royal city. In honor of this event, March 30 is declared the day of the town of Pag and is celebrated to this day. The town has been historically a very important trading center until the mid-19th century. It was surrounded by large walls with towers. Today is visible only partial rema...

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...ins of walls and tower Skrivanat - the only one remaining of nine former towers. From cultural and historical sites, worth visiting is the Church of the Assumption of Mary and Rector's Palace. Salt, with lace and cheese, is probably the most recognizable product of the city of Pag with very long organized production. Pag saltworks are among the oldest in the Adriatic and are continuously producing salt since the 10th century. Pag is an ideal place for swimming and summer entertainment. City beach Prosika is the central sandy beach, especially suitable for swimming and sunbathing for families with small children. Here you have the possibility to play beach volleyball, tennis, ride pedal boats, water scooters or water slides. In the nearby restaurants, you can try the famous specialties of Pag, cheese, lamb, and wine. In addition to the town beach, in the vicinity of town Pag, there are numerous small sandy and pebbles beaches on the east and west sides of the island in the settlements Šimuni and Bošana. All in all, the town of Pag offers a variety of attractions in a small area. We invite you to contact directly the owners of apartments and ensure cheap accommodation for your next vacation. Private accommodation in the town of Pag. Apartments, rooms, and holiday homes cheaper up to 40%, without high agency fees. Welcome to the town of Pag!