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Pag - Šimuni

Šimuni is a small tourist and fishing village on the western coast of the island of Pag. It is located halfway between the famous tourist centers of Pag and Novalja, both 12 kilometers away. Administratively belongs to the town of Pag and it has only about 200 permanent residents. According to the legend, the settlement was named after Šimun Fabijanić, who with his brother raised the first shepherd's homes in the second half of the 19th century. Traditionally, this is a place of fishermen, but with the development of tourism, residents offer accommodation in apartments and rooms as part of their family homes. The village Šimuni is developed around three beautiful bays. In one there is a camp, the other serves as a fishing port, and in the third, there is a beautiful pebble beach. It is an ideal place for a peaceful and quiet family vacation, and it can perfectly serve as a base for exploring the entire island of Pag. We advise you to contact directly the owners of private accommodation, book your ideal apartment and spend a pleasa...

Pag - Šimuni

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...nt and peaceful vacation on this beautiful island. Welcome to Šimuni on the island of Pag!