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Zubovići is a small tourist town on the island Pag, with about 200 permanent residents. It is located on the northeastern coast of the Pag bay. Along with other settlements, Zubovići makes a group of settlements which have the common name Barbat. Barbat also includes settlement Metajna, Kustići, and Vidalići. The place was founded in the 18th century when the family Zubović moved here from Pag for work and fishing of tuna. Once a fishing and farming village, today is a popular tourist destination and is particularly popular among families with children because of its beautiful sandy beaches. Accommodation is offered exclusively within the private family houses, in high quality and modern apartments, rooms and holiday homes. In the village, there is a beautiful natural sandy beach Veli žal, located in a small bay. In nearby Metajna and Kustići, there is also a sandy beach, ideal for everyday enjoyment, sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear sea. Zubovići has few bars and a couple of restaurants where you can taste fresh f...

Pag - Zubovići

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...ish and the famous Pag specialties. If you are looking for adventure or a good nightlife, some ten kilometers away is the world-famous beach Zrće and the nearby town of Novalja with many entertainment and cultural events. Visit Zubovići, Barbat and Pag bay, this beautiful natural area of ​​sandy beaches, clear waters and pleasant silence. Search for cheap private accommodation in Zubovići. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes for rent in Zubovići cheaper up to 40%, without high agency fees. Welcome to Zubovići!