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Pag - Metajna

Metajna is a small tourist place situated in the northeastern part of the island of Pag in a beautiful small and well-protected bay. In Metajna lives 300 permanent residents, mainly engaged in tourism, fishing, vineyards and sheep breeding. Metajna belongs administratively to the town of Novalja, from which it is 12 kilometers away and is connected by a regular bus line. Mediterranean climate is very pleasant with very hot and sunny summers and mild and rainy winters. This part of Pag is exposed to a strong northeast wind called Bura, therefore the vegetation is very scarce and gives the island a very characteristic rocky and desert appearance. Although in some parts of the island of Pag you have a feeling like you are on another planet, there are numerous Mediterranean species and fragrant herbs growing here. Near Metajna there are 2 beautiful pebble beaches of Ručica and Beritnica that will leave you breathless. The place is very quiet and peaceful, even during the biggest summer crowds, and the beaches are suitable for families wi...

Pag - Metajna

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YouTube video children. Accommodation can be found in numerous apartments in private family accommodation. We recommend tasting some of the island Pag food such as lamb and cheese, as well as numerous other homemade products such as grapes, figs ... Welcome to Metajna, a wonderful little paradise on the island of Pag!