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Vidalići is a small and quiet tourist place located on the northeast coast of the bay of Pag on the island of Pag. Administratively, it belongs to the town of Novalja and is about 4 kilometers away from Novalja. Vidalići along the neighboring settlements of Kustiće, Zubovići, and Metajna are together called Barbati. These are all small and quiet places away from the noise and tourist crowds and ideal for a carefree family vacation. The whole place is stretched along the coast, which is adorned with many beautiful small pebble beaches and crystal clear sea. Accommodation is offered exclusively in private family houses where you can mostly rent apartments. Located within the Bay of Pag, Vidalići is protected from northern (bora) and southern (jugo) winds and has a very specific microclimate and warmer sea, which allows a longer bathing season (from early May to late October). As a very quiet and peaceful place, Vidalići can be an ideal destination for discovering the island of Pag, which abounds in beautiful beaches, historical si...

Pag - Vidalići

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...ghts, well-kept bike trails, sports activities, but also a rich nightlife on the popular beach Zrce. Nearby on the Tusto čelo hill, there is an unusual curiosity - the Pag Triangle, discovered in 1999. The interesting thing about this regular triangle ( 30-meter) on a rocky surface is that the stones inside the triangle are lighter in color than the stones outside the triangle. After exposure to ultraviolet light stones glows red, which further contributes to the mystery and this interesting phenomenon that attracts more and more visitors. In Barbati, there are several restaurants and taverns where you can enjoy the famous Pag cheese and lamb, but also fish specialties (salted fish), seafood, and of course local wine. We invite you to spend your next vacation on the island of Pag in Vidalići with clean sea and beaches, peace and quiet, delicious food, and a pleasant Mediterranean climate.