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Caska is a small tourist place located at the northwestern end of the vast bay of Pag and on the south side of the fertile and green Novalja field. Administratively, it belongs to the town of Novalja, which is only 2 kilometers away. Nearby is also famous beach Zrce. The deep bay of Stara Novalja, the port and town of Novalja and Caska are located along the fertile Novalja field and together form a unique historical and geographical unit. Caska has a rich and interesting history, and in the sea and near the beach are the remains of the old town of Cissa, which in antiquity was the largest Roman settlement on the island of Pag. Today, the remains of ancient Roman farm and country estates (villae rusticae) are visible, as well as parts of the aqueduct that supplied water to Cissa and its port of Novalja (lat. Navalia - port). Cissa unfortunately sank due to an earthquake around the 4th century, so the inhabitants moved to the present town of Pag. If you dive into the underwater world not far from the main beach of Caska, you can be luck...

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...y and see the remains of Roman buildings. The main and largest beach is called Caska, and it is a beautiful sandy beach with a shallow entrance to the sea which makes it ideal for families with children. Along the beach there are several restaurants and facilities for entertainment and recreation. In addition to the beautiful beach, in the whole area there are many well-kept bike and hiking trails for all those who want a more active vacation. An interesting place in Caska is the high old tower located along the coast which served as a tuna watching spot that was fished here until the 60s of last century. On a small hill above Caska are the ruins of the Romanesque church of St. Juraj with a beautiful view of Caska, but also the entire Bay of Pag, including the beach Zrce. Accommodation can be found exclusively in private family houses that offer apartments, rooms and holiday homes. Spend your vacation in a small and quiet oasis of the island of Pag where everything is at your fingertips.