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Pag - Potočnica

Potočnica is a small tourist place on the island of Pag. It is located on the northwest side of the island of Pag between the town of Novalja (to which it administratively belongs) and a small place Lun, which is the northernmost settlement on the island of Pag. Potočnica is only 10 kilometers away from the town of Novalja. Potočnica is an oasis of greenery surrounded by centuries-old olive groves and lush Mediterranean vegetation and an oasis of peace and tranquility because even at the peak of the tourist season, there are no crowds and crowded beaches. It is ideal for a pleasant and idyllic family vacation because there are two beautiful sandy bays and beaches (one of them famous Kukurina beach) and many hidden and private places on the surrounding rocks. Here you can truly enjoy and relax surrounded with the crystal clear the Adriatic Sea and with spectacular sunsets. We recommend a visit to Lun and the millennial old olive trees, and for evening outings to nearby Novalja and of course world-famous Zrće beach. Accommodation in...

Pag - Potočnica

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... Potočnica is offered exclusively in private family houses (apartments, rooms, holiday homes) as part of private family accommodation, and the kind hosts will warmly welcome you and gladly show you all the charms of the island of Pag. Welcome to Potočnica on the island of Pag!