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Pag - Košljun

Košljun is a small tourist place and harbor placed in a bay on the central part of the island Pag. Administratively it belongs to the town of Pag and is located 11 kilometers south of the town. From the town of Pag, you can reach Košljun on the modern road, about 10 minutes away by car, or macadam road that leads through the Pag saltworks, ideal for cyclists and adventurers. Historically Košljun served as an important port and exit of the town of Pag to the open sea. Today it is a very quiet holiday village, where you can find accommodation only in private family homes with beautifully landscaped garden. You can also find interesting accommodation in the small private campsite which is located next to the beach in the shade of pine trees. Along the coast stretches several beautiful beaches, surrounded by pine trees and the view from them is centered on the island of Vir, and the open blue Adriatic sea. In a few kilometers away from the neighboring bay there is an even smaller place called Proboj, with a small harbor, beaches, and ...

Pag - Košljun

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...only ten houses. It is ideal for all lovers of peace, tranquility, or for a vacation away from the noise and crowds. It is also an ideal starting point for discovering all the attractions and sights of the island Pag thanks to its position in the middle of the island. We invite you to visit this small quiet corner of the island Pag and truly relax your body and soul. Private accommodation in Košljun on the island of Pag. Apartments, rooms, and holiday homes cheaper up to 40%, without expensive agency fees. Welcome to Košljun on the island of Pag!