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Ljubač is a small tourist town in the county of Zadar in Croatia. It is situated in the beautiful and spacious sandy bay, 15 kilometers northeast of the city of Zadar. It has about 500 inhabitants and administratively it belongs to the municipality of Ražanac, which is only 8 kilometers away. It was first mentioned back in 1205 under the name Castrum Jubae, when it was ruled by Croatian-Hungarian rulers. By the end of the 17th century, Ljubač was an important stronghold of the Venetian Republic in the defense against the Turks. After termination of the Turkish threat, the fort lost its importance, and it slowly decayed, and the locals turned to agriculture, olive growing and viticulture. The historical core of the place has kept all the characteristics of a small Dalmatian coastal village (narrow cobbled streets, densely placed stone houses, and barns), which gives it a special charm. Today, thanks to the development of tourism, the locals are turning to tourism services, and are offering quality and comfortable accommodation in ap...


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...artments and rooms within their private homes. The biggest attraction of the place is certainly wide sandy beaches and reefs that are ideal for carefree play and relax for families with small children. The place is very quiet and peaceful, and away from all main roads, which also gives it a special charm, for those who like to spend a holiday away from the crowds and crowded beaches. In addition to comfortable apartment accommodation in Ljubač, there is a marina, shops and several restaurants offering authentic Dalmatian specialties. For lovers of active holidays, near Ljubač are many cycle paths, and in the immediate vicinity are Paklenica National Park and the karst beauty, river Zrmanja. Visit Ljubač, this hidden little dalmatian village, and spend a quiet family holiday on the large sandy beaches. Search for cheap accommodation in Ljubač! Apartments, rooms and holiday homes cheaper and up to 40%, without expensive agency fees. Welcome to Ljubač!