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Ražanac is a small tourist town and municipality in the county of Zadar in Croatia. It is situated on the banks of the Velebit canal in North Dalmatian, 22 km north-east of the historic city of Zadar. The whole municipality has about 3,000 inhabitants and the village Ražanac has a population of about 1000. To the municipality also belong Rtina and Ljubač, two smaller coastal villages, also interesting tourist spots. The place is first mentioned in the 14th century in a list of goods from Zadar royalty Vučine Martinušić. However, this area was inhabited long before and there are numerous archaeological finds and objects from the Stone Age and a large burial mound from the Early Bronze Age. From the historical monuments, we should mention the parish church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Ražanac from the 17th century and the fortress - Kaštelina from the 16th century built to defend against the Turks. This all points to a long history of the settlement of this area due to its favorable Mediterranean climate, fertile farmland and ri...


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YouTube video in fish surrounding sea. Residents of Ražanac have been traditionally engaged in agriculture, viticulture, fishing and animal husbandry. Tourism recently is slowly taking over the lead role, and the locals are mainly renting apartments and rooms inside their private homes. The sea around Ražanac is a true gem because of its purity and clarity and attracts many visitors from all over the world. The beaches are rocky and sandy, except for the beach in the bay Punta which is gravel and sand in the sea. In nearby Rtina and Ljubač beaches are sandy and very spacious making them ideal for family holidays. There are many activities that are available in Ražanac and the surrounding area, and some of them are rafting and canoeing on the river Zrmanja, hiking and climbing no Velebit mountain, bungee jumping on the Maslenica bridge, horseback riding, paintball, adventure park, donkey farm... In Ražanac you have everything you need for a carefree vacation and you will certainly enjoy the peace, quiet and clean environment of this small Dalmatian village. Contact directly owners of apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Ražanac and save of up to 40% on high agency fees. Affordable private accommodation in Ražanac. Welcome to Ražanac!