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Pašman - Neviđane

Neviđane is a small tourist town and port in the county of Zadar in Croatia. It is located on the east coast of the island of Pašman, 3 km northwest of the town of Pašman. The older part of town is about 300 m away from the sea, while the new part of the town is situated along the coast. The settlement was first mentioned in the 11th century, and it was named after the monastery of St. Nevijane which was demolished in the war in the 17th century. With today's parish church of the Sacred Heart from the late 19th century, there are ruins of the church from the 17th century, while in the graveyard are the ruins of the church built in the 11th century. All this tells us about the long and rich history of this small town and the entire island of Pašman. In Neviđane lives about 400 residents, who are traditionally engaged in agriculture, fishing, and tourism. Tourism, as well as in other parts of the coast is being developed at the end of the sixties, and accommodation is offered exclusively in private accommodation in apartments, room...

Pašman - Neviđane

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...s and holiday homes. Here is a beautiful sandy beach that is ideal for families with small children. The sea is very clean thanks to the strong sea current in the Pašman channel, that changes direction every 6 hours. In addition to swimming, sunbathing and water sports, all visitors and guests can enjoy well-known Pašman cuisine. We recommend a pleasant bike ride, so you can explore the whole island. To lovers of entertainment and nightlife, we recommend an evening in nearby towns of Biograd or Zadar. Search our offer of cheap apartments, rooms and other private accommodation in Neviđane and spend a quiet and pleasant holiday in a true island atmosphere of the Adriatic. Private accommodation in Neviđane on the island of Pašman. Welcome to Neviđane!