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Pašman - Kraj

Kraj is a small village in the southeastern part of the island Pašman, 3 km south of the town of Pašman. It extends along two beautiful sandy beaches, surrounded by ancient olive groves and vineyards. The place is very quiet and peaceful and ideal for families with children, but also for all those who want a rest from the big city crowds and noise. The town is dominated by the Franciscan monastery of St. Duje from the 14th century built in the Gothic style. In the monastery, there is a picture of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus from the 15th century and a museum with exhibits that tell the long history of the town and the whole island of Pašman. The population is traditionally engaged in agriculture, wine and olive oil, and fishing. The place is also known for producing very tasty goat cheese. Nowadays tourism slowly takes over the lead role, and accommodation can be found in apartments and rooms of private family houses in which kind hosts will accommodate and provide you an unforgettable holiday. In addition to sandy beaches,...

Pašman - Kraj

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... the place is ideal for long walks, hikes, and bike rides through the lush Mediterranean vegetation of herbs, old vineyards, and olive groves. After a full day of swimming or active holiday, we recommend visiting local taverns, which offer healthy and organic food and authentic seafood dishes with a glass of fine wine from Dalmatia. We invite you to visit Kraj on the island of Pašman and rest your body and soul in this small, quiet island village. Private accommodation on the island of Pašman - Kraj. Apartments, rooms, and holiday homes cheaper up to 40% without costly agency fees. Welcome to Kraj on the island of Pašman!