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Sveti Filip i Jakov is a little tourist place and the seat of the municipality in the county of Zadar in Croatia. It is situated on the coast of the Pašman channel 25 km southeast of the city of Zadar and only 3 km north-west of the old royal city of Biograd. Riviera includes two small tourist places, Turanj, and Sveti Filip i Jakov. In the area of today's town, nearly three thousand years ago there was a small Liburnian settlement whose traces are still visible in the stone walls and grave mounds. Romans in the 1 st. built estates and country villas due to its very favorable position and favorable climate. After the arrival of the Croats in the 8th century, this area is gaining in importance because of the proximity of the royal city of Biograd in which King Krešimir IV founded the Benedictine monastery of St. John in the 11th century. Sveti Filip i Jakov is known for former summer residences and gardens of the Zadar nobility, representing the forerunner of today's cottages and tourist facilities. Today, tourism is the main activit...

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...y, and friendly residents will offer you accommodation in apartments and rooms inside their private homes. In addition to private accommodation and apartments, there are a couple of private camps, which are located in the beautiful countryside along the coast. The main beach that stretches along the entire town center is certainly the biggest attraction. The beach is a combination of sand, gravel, and stone, where guests will find a quiet corner for themselves and enjoy in the sun and clear waters. For lovers of shade and a good book, on hot summer days, nearby is pine forest which will give you the perfect shade. From sports activities, you can sail, windsurf, ride a bike, play water polo, tennis or beach volleyball, and there is a possibility of renting small boats, so you can visit the nearby small islands or island of Pašman. The place has many bars and restaurants where you can try one of the local specialties, like famous Filip cake. We invite you to visit Sveti Filip i Jakov, reserve your ideal apartment or room and enjoy this quiet corner of Dalmatia facing the sea, which gives it a certain mystique and beauty. Private accommodation in Sveti Filip i Jakov. Welcome to Sveti Filip i Jakov!