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Vir is one of the most visited islands in the Adriatic. Island Vir is located in North Dalmatia, 25 km from the city of Zadar. The total area of the island is 22 km2 and it is connected to the mainland with the Vir bridge what makes it more accessible (it was constructed in 1976). The administrative center of the island is the town of Vir, but there are other smaller settlements (Lozice and Torovi).

Although it has been inhabited since ancient times, the island of Vir was first mentioned in the 11th century by king Petar Krešimir IV. Today Vir has almost 5,000 permanent residents and it is one of few islands in Croatia with a continuous increase in the population.

Many visitors visit the island of Vir because of its numerous beaches and bays, pleasant climate, and great macro location. Top beaches are main beach Jadro, Kozjak beach, Duboka Draga beach, Virić beach, Lučica beach, Pedinka bay, Biskupljača beach, and Miljkovica beach.

The main attractions of the island of Vir are Kaštelina - a Venetian fortress from the 16th century and the lighthouse of Vir that was constructed in 1881. For nature lovers, we recommend visiting the small island of Školjić with an attractive pebble beach and Barbinjak - the highest point of the island (116 meters high). Also, we recommend enjoying sailing, surfing, renting scooters, different water sports activities, hiking, and biking trails. Close to Vir are two cultural pearls - the city of Zadar with numerous historical monuments and the ancient town of Nin. For lovers of nature and active vacations, close by is Velebit mountain (National park Paklenica), and the river Zrmanja.

Vir is very accessible especially since it is connected with the mainland with the bridge. Since the majority of accommodation on the island is provided by private renters, the best accommodation on Vir can be found in private apartments, family houses, rooms, villas, and holiday homes.


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The island of Vir has a Mediterannean climate - warm and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. The average air temperature is around 15 °C, while in July it rises to 25 °C what makes Vir an ideal destination for the summer holidays. The island has around 300 sunny days a year (around 2,450 hours of sun). The wind called Maestral, which blows constantly during summers especially afternoons, is ideal for windsurfing and sailing.