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Čiovo - Arbanija - Čiovo
Čiovo - Arbanija

6 accommodation

Ciovo - Slatine - Čiovo
Ciovo - Slatine

21 accommodation

Ciovo - Okrug Gornji - Čiovo
Ciovo - Okrug Gornji

46 accommodation

Čiovo - Mastrinka - Čiovo
Čiovo - Mastrinka

6 accommodation

Čiovo - Okrug Donji - Čiovo
Čiovo - Okrug Donji

5 accommodation

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Čiovo is an island in central Dalmatia connected to the mainland with two bridges. There are many advantages of this island - from beautiful nature, attractive beaches, bays to accessibility and vicinity to the city of Split and Trogir (Split airport). This hilly island has a surface of almost 30 km2 and it is located near the Kaštela bay. The highest point of the island is 209 meters high Rudine.

The island of Čiovo has been inhabited since ancient times and today it has more than 6,000 inhabitants. The most important towns on the island are Okrug Gornji, Okrug Donji, Slatine, Mastrinka, Arbanija, and Žedno.

The most popular beaches on Čiovo are Okrug beach also known as Copacabana beach, Labadusa beach, and attractive pebble Slatine beach. The main cultural attractions of Čiovo are the church of Lady of Prizidnica from the 14th century located on the southeast side of the island, the church of St. Theodore from the 15th century, and the church of St. Charles Borromeo from the 18th century.

As the island of Čiovo is connected with the mainland with two bridges (in Trogir), it is a very accessible island that offers many opportunities for interesting holidays. The older bridge is located in the center of Trogir, and the newly constructed bridge (opened in 2018) is located outside of Trogir. Except for the beautiful beaches, it is surrounded by many historical and cultural sights worth visiting including the UNESCO World Heritage site the historic city of Trogir, historic complex with the Diocletian palace in Split (also under UNESCO World Heritage), and Klis fortress. We recommend cycling tours on Čiovo and daily boat trips to the islands of Šolta and Drvenik Veliki, where is located magical Blue Lagoon. Accommodation on the island is mainly offered in private accommodation (apartments, rooms, holiday homes...).


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Čiovo is known for its pleasant climate, bays, beaches, and small hidden coves. Due to the vicinity to the mainland, it has a very similar climate as Trogir - mild winters and warm summers. On average, the air temperature ranges from 8 °C in January to 26 °C in August. The average sea temperature ranges from 13 °C in February to almost 25 °C in August what makes Čiovo an ideal destination for the summer holidays. The swimming season on Čiovo usually starts in early June and lasts until the end of October.