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Lošinj - Mali Lošinj - Lošinj
Lošinj - Mali Lošinj

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Lošinj - Veli Lošinj - Lošinj
Lošinj - Veli Lošinj

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Lošinj - Nerezine - Lošinj
Lošinj - Nerezine

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The island of Lošinj is located in the north part of the Adriatic sea and is a part of the Kvarner archipelago. It is a 31 km long island, artificially divided into two parts by a channel was constructed (near Privlaka). This was not the first time when the island was artificially cut into two parts. In the past, before the Romans, the island of Lošinj and the island of Cres were one island and Romans constructed a channel to speed up the transport. Nowadays a bridge connects islands Lošinj and Cres next to the small town of Osor.

The island of Lošinj does not have many inhabitants - slightly above 8,100. The cultural, financial, and administrative center of the island is the city of Mali Lošinj. It is also a very popular tourist destination for medical tourism because of the positive impacts of its climate on health and dense vegetation which is ideal for outdoor aromatherapy. The highest mountain of Lošinj is Televrina on the mountain of Osošćica (588 m).

Top beaches on Lošinj are sandy beach Čikat, pebble beach Borik and pebble beach Veli žal in Sunčana cove (Sunčana uvala), Kredo beach in Srebrna cove (Srebrna uvala), Parknu beach, sandy beach Meli, Zabodarski beach, and cove Engleza on Koludrac. Apart from attractive beaches, Lošinj has many hiking trails and bike paths, attractive coves, and lookouts (Saint Gavdent and Providenca). You can also go on daily trips to the sunny island of Illovik and the sandy island of Susak.

The main cultural attraction of the island is the museum of Apoxyomenos in Mali Lošinj, which should be visited by anyone who comes to Lošinj. Apoxyomenos is a bronze statue of an athlete from the 1st century BC that has been found in the sea near Lošinj.

Lošinj and Cres are connected with the bridge which improves the connectivity with the mainland. Cres has a well-connected network of ferry lines from Krk (Valbiska - Merag on Cres), Istria (Brestova - Porozina on Cres), while Lošinj has a frequent ferry and catamaran lines from Zadar (Zadar - Mali Lošinj) and Rijeka (Rijeka - Mali Lošinj). The island has an international airport for smaller airplanes. For staying on the island of Lošinj, we recommend finding private accommodation in one of many apartments, rooms, or holiday homes.


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Museum of Apoxyomenos - Lošinj - Mali Lošinj
Museum of Apoxyomenos - Lošinj - Mali Lošinj

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Lošinj has a Mediterranean climate characterized by long, warm summers and rainy winters. The average temperature in July is 24.5 °C and in February 7.7 °C. Sea temperatures from June to September are above 20 °C. Similar to other surrounding islands, Lošinj also has more than 2,560 sunny hours a year. Because of the pleasant climate, Veli Lošinj and Mali Lošinj have been claimed as health destinations.