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Veli Lošinj is a small island town in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar county in Croatia. It is located in a small bay on the southeast side of the island of Lošinj. It is the second-largest town on the island of Lošinj with 900 inhabitants. Administratively, it is part of Mali Lošinj. It was first mentioned in the 14th century under the name Velo Selo, as it was then a larger settlement from Mali Lošinj (Malo Selo), but Mali Lošinj historically developed faster, so the situation is now reversed, and the names of towns remained unchanged. Veli Lošinj was gradually developed around the Romanesque church of St. Nicholas, which has been upgraded and expanded during centuries. Throughout history, the residents of Veli Lošinj were engaged mainly in agriculture, cattle breeding, and fishing, but today the situation is quite different, and tourism is the main economic activity thanks to a unique blend of lush and varied Mediterranean vegetation and favorable microclimate of the island of Lošinj. Friendly hosts are offering comfortable and ...

Lošinj - Veli Lošinj

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...affordable accommodation in apartments and rooms inside their homes. During sunny weather, you can spend days on beautiful beaches like Rovenska, which is located in the homonymous small bay, Timi beach or on the beach of hotel Punta which holds blue flag. On this beach, you can find a variety of restaurants, sport and entertainment facilities. The diving center is open all year round, so you can explore the interesting and rich underwater of Lošinj archipelago. Active vacation lovers will surely enjoy the numerous hiking paths and biking trails that lead through the dense pine forest to the beautiful gazebo and small bays. We recommend Lungo Mare promenade, that connects Veli Lošinj and Mali Lošinj, which are only 3 km away. We also recommend visiting educational center Plavi svijet that is actively engaged in the protection of marine life and of large number of dolphins that live here. You also have the opportunity to see them in organized panoramic boat ride. Visit Veli Lošinj, this interesting little town on the island Lošinj which will have a beneficial effect on your physical, mental and spiritual health. Search for private accommodation in Veli Lošinj. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes for rent in Veli Lošinj. Welcome to Veli Lošinj!